How to make goals a reality…


So you desperately want to reach your goals, you dream about them, you visualize them, you talk about them all the time but you don’t do anything to make them happen.


What’s the problem here?


The problem is you don’t have the 3 mindset techniques in place to make them happen.


Reality is, right now they are NOT goals. Right now they are simply dreams, wants… future aspirations.


So how do you turn those dreams into concrete, motivating and exciting goals?


You get these 3 mindset practices in place.


Mindset practice #1




That’s right. I’m as positive as the next self-development junkie but I also know that unless you really feel a sense of dissatisfaction of where you are now, you are not going to be motivated to change your situation.


For example, When I was 60 pounds overweight, it wasn’t until I got real with myself and really looked in the mirror… not only at my body but into my eyes… into my soul… and felt the utter dissatisfaction of what I had done to myself that I was able to get the motivation wheels turning. Until that moment I was simply in denial. I sugar coated where I was and I pretended it wasn’t that bad, when really I was falling apart inside.


To make it clear, dissatisfaction is not about hate. It’s not about being critical and saying nasty things to yourself.


Being critical is NEVER motivating, it is defeating. Loving yourself is always mandatory. Let me repeat that… LOVING YOURSELF is non-negotiable.


You MUST Love yourself to make positive changes. Negative self-talk and body shaming will never bring you long lasting change. But it’s perfectly ok to say to yourself, “I love me, but I am not ok with where I am right now, I want better for myself and I am going to make it happen”.


Once you have that dissatisfied feeling real and strong inside your body, it’s time to move onto the next practice.


Mindset practice #2




Once you feel that dissatisfaction and are in a HELL NO I am not ok with my current situation state, and are ready to change. The next mindset practice you must put into place is to commit.


A funny thing happens when you commit to make goals a reality. You start moving forward. Your once “dream like visions” of goals, start being a reality once you commit to making them a no plan B reality. So how do you commit? First you must get clear on what your goal is. Write it down. Get specific. Make it a realistic goal that you can measure. Then break the goal down into 90 day increments, and then 30 day increments.  This makes them real. But most importantly, get real with yourself. There is no point in trying to fool yourself or make weak commitments you have no intention on following through with.


This is your life, these are your goals and only you can make them happen, so make the commitment and make it solid. Once you make that switch in your mind, and have a no plan B mindset, you will start to see the shifts fast, but you MUST COMMIT!


Once you commit, have written it down and made it real, you are ready for the next practice.


Mindset practice #3




If you don’t have a “why” so big and exciting that it literally makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning, then finding motivation on those days you just want to lie in bed and flip through social media is going to be tough.


Finding your “why” means discovering why this goal is even important to you. And I don’t mean just the superficial “why” reasons. Superficial “whys” are great! In fact, one of the “why’s” that motivated me to lose weight was so I could wear a specific outfit on my birthday.  But that alone wasn’t going to get me up at 4:45am to work out. I had to tune into the real reason that was important to me.  It had to be more than just surface reasons. I had to get deep and really come up with a list of powerful “whys”.


What always works for me is to simply start writing and keep writing my “whys” until I literally can’t think of anymore. Then I make myself think of at least 20 more. Why? Because it takes time for those real “WHYS” … the DEEP “WHYS”… the “I’m not playing small any more whys” to really come out. And once they do, that motivation is GOLDEN! Because now you have the big reason to go after your goals when you would rather sit and marathon Netflix (yay totally been there!)


Here is my personal tip. Have someone you trust, and who won’t let you play small ask you your “whys”… do this so you get the good stuff flowing… it’s OK to have super powerful “whys”! Playing small doesn’t serve anyone, especially not yourself!


Get those BIG, POWERFUL, DEEP “WHYS” and you miles ahead of most people and on your way to reaching your goals!


Remember YOU create your reality.


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Talk soon,

Many Blessings