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So, how do you fine-tune, your intuition?

What’s really important? And maybe this will make sense when you think about a bloodhound.

So, a bloodhound uses his finely tuned sense of smell,

right? Now,

if you think about a bloodhound that is eating well,

that is sleeping.

Well, that is being loved on by his owners that is getting lots of exercise and is happy,

and having fun. He hit him,

or her being able to use his sense of smell is going to be Highly tuned,

right? He is at his optimal State.

Therefore. His senses are also going to be at their optimal State.

Now, for a human being to be able to feel into their intuition

and be able to understand the subtleties that come in,

they’re being also has to be Finally to what does that actually mean in Practical terms?

Well, if you’re an entrepreneur and you are working long hours,

you’re not sleeping well and you’re pumping your body full of caffeine

or foods that don’t agree with your body and you’re worrying.

And you’re all up in your head. And you’re thinking thinking,

thinking, and you’re never taking time for you to take care of yourself and your body.

It’s going to be very hard

for you to be able to start sensing when those subtle intuitive nudges are coming in.

Right? So taking care of yourself.

It’s imperative. Now. Does it mean you have to be complete like hardcore about

everything you’re doing all the time to be able to use your intuition?

No, of course not. But You will absolutely be able to tell,

like, I can tell when I’m eating really well,

and I’m sleeping well, and I’m getting outside a lot

and I’m grounding myself and I’m focusing on gratitude.

And I’m focusing in on my mental state,

my physical state, my intuition,

is that much stronger.

It’s coming in clearer. It’s coming in.

No matter if it’s just a subtle. Subtlety coming in.

I know how to read that. Now if I’m having a week where I’m just off the charts,

right? So my sleep is a mess. I’m eating a bunch of crap.

I’m all up in my head. Maybe I’m worrying about something.

Maybe I’m overthinking something. My signals are not coming in.

Even as not even half as strong as when I’m taking care of myself.

So, remembering that, right? The more,

you take care of your container.

Sometimes, I don’t like using that word. Oh, you just,

the more, you take care of your body, the more you’re going to be able to tune in

and know when those subtleties come in.

So, take a look at what you’re what you’re doing right now.

You feel like you are a bloodhound.

That’s at his Peak Performance,

or do you feel like one that needs to take a two-week vacation?

And you’re going to know if you need to make some adjustments or not.

I’ll talk to you soon. Let me know if you have any questions below.