Hello friend.

So I want to share some personal stories with you today in hopes that they may be helpful for you.

If you’re going through certain things, you know,

I’ve been talking a lot about it lately,

how the personal development world is.

I mean, I love personal development. I’ve been in it for so long.

I mean, even before the internet,

I was, you know,

I would buy magazines.

I was, I remember being 19 and really starting to get assessed with Fitness and bodybuilding.

And I would, this is again before internet.

I would go and buy muscle and fitness magazines,

and I would research, and I would read and I would buy.

Tons of different things to learn that I needed to learn to improve my health.

The way I felt my body and I remember reading that was the first time I really

started turning into the awareness that there are

so much contradicting information out in the world that you really need to be Discerning

and find what works for you.

You. And if there’s information out there that doesn’t make you feel

good or doesn’t resonate with you or you’re like hmm.

This doesn’t feel right in my body.

Listen to that. It doesn’t matter who is giving the information.

It doesn’t matter how many,

you know, New York Times Best Sellers,

they have, you know, it doesn’t matter if you’ve put them on a pedestal at times in your life.

And this was a big learning experience for me years ago.

When I first started getting into coaching, I put a lot of people on pedestals and you know,

I really disregarded my own internal wisdom.

For what other people had to say

and it was a big learning experience

and that’s not to say that learning from others and taking from their wisdom isn’t helpful.

But again, it goes back to discernment.

Is that how does this feel?

Is this resonating with me? Does it feel right?

Or does it feel fucked up?

Does it feel like That doesn’t feel right?

Listen to that and trust it. So anyways back to I feel like I do really long,

they’re on my original topic but back to you know,

personal development the personal development World especially in the online world.

There’s a lot of stuff out there that you know,

there are a lot of amazing things

and wonderful people who are completely heart-centered purpose-driven,

you know their V to change the world in positive ways.

And a lot of these people I work with they’re my clients or I,

you know, been in contact with them.

A lot of them. I don’t know. Of course with the internet world is huge.

But there are also a lot of people that prey on the fact that

some people feel like they are not enough

and they’re not at a certain place.

And people will use manipulation to sell.

And a lot of the stuff isn’t all that helpful.

So having that discernment is very important.

Now, the original topic I want to talk about today was fear.

And really starting to learn and shift your internal narrative around fear.

So this is one of the most,

this is the thing. The most,

the most powerful thing I ever did for myself,

was invest the hours,

the time, the commitment,

and the money into shifting my Narrative around fear.

Because it really is tied into a lot of the patterns you experienced growing up.

So this is, this is where I went.

This is now, it’s coming back to me. There’s a lot of stuff in the personal

development world that will almost shame a person

for certain actions or for not taking action

or for feeling stuck and Really getting to a place where they feel Paralyzed by fear.

It’s like they know they need support. They know,

they need help because they’ve been trying to do it on their own and they can’t do it.

And there are a lot of things in the personal development world.

I should say that the false personal development world that will almost shame

and guilt people into feeling a certain

way because they’re not taking certain actions or they’re not doing certain things.

Things. And I have a real problem with this for one.

It’s just very low Integrity.

It’s not helpful to perpetuate.

Shame onto another that certainly doesn’t motivate a person from a place of power empowerment.

It shames them into a place of taking action,

which never turns out. Well,

But there are reasons why some people have more of a challenge taking action,

making big moves taking big leaps,

then others might. Now that’s not to say that we can pass the blame

and not take responsibility for our current life because of what we are experiencing in this life,

what we create is Our responsibility.

We can’t put that on someone else. We can’t blame other people.

It’s all on us and well,

my belief is, that it’s on us, but we’re co-creating with the universe.

So it’s not all on us, but we need to take the first step.

However, and again,

this is not to pass blame or responsibility onto others.

It’s to bring up in the understanding if you grew up.

Up, you know, in a space and household where security wasn’t,

you know, at the Forefront. So I grew up in a house where in the 80s,

I just aged myself. That’s okay. I’m happy.

I’m proud of my years.

Anyways, I digress. I grew up in a house in the 80s where abundance was flowing.

You know, money was flowing.

My father owned, a commercial construction company.

So things were doing very well

and I didn’t really experience any scarcity or any feelings of lack in that department.

There might have been other departments. I was feeling a little bit of black,

but not in that department and in the 90s came and that’s when my household really shifted.

So that was the,

there was a recession. At least here in Canada, can’t speak for anywhere else.

And things got very tight.

And I just remember really picking up with the energy of my parents around fear,

and lack and scarcity. And then they weren’t really present

because they were dealing with other things.

And there was a real sense of like wobbly energy,

which transferred into me,

having a lot of Of fear around that fear of not having enough fear of things like going

away and not coming back and,

you know, through my grow through over the years working with amazing mentors.

And people who really helped me shift that narrative ship,

that belief system. I was able to and not saying that there wasn’t theirs,

not uncomfortable or there’s not fears present.

Is part of being a human being?

But you learn how to move through it and you learn how to navigate your world.

Through those fears and through taking action.

And then getting the results,

seeing the outcome of your actions,

whether they are bigger leaps,

whether they are bigger Investments, whether they are,

you know, scary movements,

you start to get that reflected back to you that so it actually is working.

So it is okay. Oh, I am safe.

I can do this. And that just increases your confidence

and your certainty that you can handle anything that comes.

You can handle anything that comes and you’re going to be okay,

you’re going to be safe. But if you’ve grown up in an experience similar to that and you haven’t,

you know, have the opportunity or you haven’t had the awareness.

To understand that you can actually work on these things

and these fears don’t have to dictate what you’re experiencing in your life.

They don’t have to continue on.

For decades. For years and its deck is usually decades because let’s be honest.

It’s probably been going on for a long time.

You don’t have to stay in that place and when you can shift through these fears.

Energetically. Spiritually,

you know, you really do the work to shift these fears at their Court,

doesn’t mean that taking actions and taking big leaps aren’t scary.

But the more you do it the more you’re calibrated to that feeling

and the more you can rely on the past,

you know having it worked. Oh

and you have those examples that it just starts this snowball

and this momentum of being able to know and trust you are always supported.

You can take these big moves forward towards what you want.

And it’s going to be okay. It’s almost at 12 minutes.

I’m going to wrap this up. But the reason why I wanted to come on and share.

This message is now is the time to work on shifting.

These fears now is the time.

If you know that you have a purpose to help the world in some way,

you have a vision and you can’t stop thinking about it because it’s important to you.

So you are envisioning, what life would be like if you were doing

what you love and you’re helping the people that You know,

you’re designed to help in,

you’re living the lifestyle that you want,

that you’re craving that you’re, you’re, you know,

in your heart is available to you.

Now is the time to start shifting those fears.

The world is changing. Energy is changing.

We are shifting into a whole new way of being,

and it’s really an opportunity

for you to like unplug from this Collective consciousness of lack of limitation

and fear and plug into a whole new way of living and operating creating and being.

So if you have any questions, I love for you to drop them below.

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Fears that are now still affecting

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lead to the experience that you want in your life

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Other than that have a fabulous day night morning

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