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510, 2018

Weekly Pump-Up Message

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October 4 2018


Happy Monday, Facebook family. I am coming on live for your Monday pump-up message. The purpose of this message is to get you excited for the week, get you rearing to go, and hopefully shed some […]

3009, 2018

Self Sabotaging Behavior & Thoughts: What Causes It and How to Rise Above It

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Self-sabotage is when we actively or passively take steps to prevent ourselves from reaching our goals. This behaviour can affect nearly every aspect of life be it a relationship, a career goal, or a personal goal such as weight loss. Although very common, it is an incredibly frustrating cycle of behaviour that lowers our self-confidence and leave us feeling stuck. There are many reasons why someone may choose to self-sabotage but many stem from a lack of belief in ourselves.

3009, 2018

3 Easy Ways To Manage & Reduce Stress At Home & Work

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It is no surprise that many people report being stressed in our day to day lives. Family obligations, work life balance, and job stressors can quickly become overwhelming. Add financial and health concerns and we can find something to feel “stressed” about in almost every aspect of our lives. Although we are not able to eliminate stress there are many things we can do to help manage and reduce stress in our daily lives. In this post we will consider ways to reduce stress at home and work in order to help manage stress and try to answer the question what is the best way to manage stress.

1809, 2018

Why It’s Crucial To Prioritize Your Needs

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Ever wonder why a lot of people seem burnt-out and resentful… I sat down with my daughter a few days ago and had a little chat about her first few weeks at Highschool. She said as many teenagers do… “it’s been fine”.One thing she did comment on was the motto for the year. Apparently, the principal did a whole speech that the new school motto would be “We at (name of school) put other’s need before our own”… and he added… if you can do this then you will fit right in at (name of school). My daughter’s response… “I guess I won’t fit in”.


209, 2018

How to Regain Confidence

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Losing self-confidence can happen to anyone. Maybe you had a bad experience with a client or received a complaint. Or maybe you didn’t receive the promotion that you interviewed for and so badly wanted. This type of situation can leave you with disappointment, doubt and a loss in your self-confidence. Although something we have likely all experienced at least once in our lives it is an upsetting feeling and it can oftentimes feel hard to bounce back from.

209, 2018

How to Dress with Confidence

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We all know that having confidence is important. At its core, confidence is our belief in our own abilities and ourselves. Although it sounds easy confidence does not come naturally for everyone. In a previous article we had discussed why we need confidence and having confidence is critical to how we interact with others. There are many things that we can do to help boost confidence. One step that is often overlooked is dressing with confidence.

1808, 2018

How To Become A Powerful Decision Maker

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August 18 2018

1508, 2018

How Being Unapologetically You Can Benefit Your Life & Business

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August 13 2018

608, 2018

Monday Pump-Up Message – August 6

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3007, 2018

Get Real To Get What You Want ????????❤????

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