So you feel like crap? There are a lot of different crappy feelings you can feel. But today I’m talking about the crappy feeling you probably have done to yourself.


You know, that toxic feeling of crap.


That feeling you get when you wake up on Monday and feel like your body weighs a ton getting out of bed. That feeling of OMG I’m brain is working sooo slow right now. That feeling of “AHHHHhhh I have no patience right now for this &*#$!” when that jerk is driving 20 km/h in a 40 km/h zone!


This is when you think back to the previous week and you can’t remember the last time you saw a vegetable. The car is littered with crumpled packages of 100 cal snack packs. You have a couple empty bottles of wine in the recycling bin and a greasy pizza box in the garbage.


Toxic overload!


Feeling the crap I mentioned above is often a direct result of what you are putting in your body. And when I say often, I mean pretty much mean all the time. Even the irritability part!


We may have been able to get away with this form of eating in our early twenties without the same effect, but after thirty, forget about it!


And no judgment here! I have falling into this toxic crap feeling a few times over the last couple of years.


But I don’t stay in it. Because I know how to get myself out of it and fast.


So how can you stop feeling like crap…


Get in your greens. Blend em, Juice em, Eat em. Anyway you can get them in, do it. They are going to alkalize your body, and start making you feel better fast!


Sugar, gluten, processed junk. These foods can reek havoc on your digestive system and cause a multitude of symptoms, like irritability, brain fog, fatigue.


The best way to really see what these foods are doing to you on a daily basis is to cut them out completely and then reintroduce them. My clients are usually shocked to see what happens when they eliminate these foods out and then a reintroduce them a few weeks later.


Our bodies are not meant to consume crap all day and then work properly. It’s just not going to happen.


You wouldn’t pull up to a garbage dump, fill your gas tank with a bunch of garbage and then expect it to work properly, right?


And let’s get real, your body is infinitely more valuable than any vehicle! So shouldn’t you be putting premium quality fuel into your body as well!


Easier said than done I know.


But reality is, the longer time goes on and you aren’t feeding it properly, the more crappy you are going to feel because the body just becomes overloaded.


One of my missions in life is to bring awareness to people of what eating the right foods can do for their lives.


How it is literally the foundation of exploding our lives from blah to freakin AMAZING!


Because once you start eating right, you start thinking right, then you start feeling right… actually you start feeling fantastic.


And how we feel daily determines our actions… and our daily actions, basically determine our lives. I think you get the point.


If you feel like crap, you can change it! You have the power.


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Grab it and let’s kick – crap – to the curb!




You create your reality!


Lots of love!