So you have goals?

What are you doing to make those goals a reality?

Are the goals just spinning in your head?

“I want to lose 10 lbs”

“I want to find a new job”

“I want to go on a vacation”

“I want to buy house”

And please don’t tell me you use the dreaded “SOMEDAY” with those “goals”.

“Someday I will…”

“Someday I’m going to start…”


There is no SOMEDAY on any calendar. Someday is a big old excuse that tricks you into thinking you are doing something when really nothing is happening, and lets be honest SOMEDAY has the potential to drag out your entire life.

If you want something to happen. MAKE it happen. Kick the excuses to the curb.

“I don’t have time”

“I don’t have the money”

“I can’t do it on me own”


You are a *%$#@ SUPERSTAR who can accomplish anything she wants!

Stop selling yourself short with bullshit excuses that are not serving you, your family or your friends. NOBODY!

Life doesn’t owe you anything. You have to go and get what’s yours!


So you got goals

Ok so we’ve kicked the excuses to the curb. Now what?

Write those goals down. Make it real.

Look at them everyday!

Get into the feeling like that goal is already a reality.

You have already owned that goal… IT’S YOURS!

I hear all to often people with goals and dreams talk about them like a fantasy that will never really happen.

Well do you really want them to happen?

Because they will if you really want them to.

If your write them down and commit to making them happen, they WILL!

Unless you change your mind about them, they WILL happen if you commit to making them happen.

So you have a goal….

Write it down.

Commit to making the goal a reality.

Get into the feeling/vibration of it already being a reality.

Take action. Do what you have to do to make that goal a reality.

Trust and have faith the universe has your back and will co-create with you.

ENJOY your goal when it becomes a reality.

Don’t complicate things. Always believe in yourself. You’re a *&^$ SUPERSTAR that can accomplish ANYTHING!

Now go make your goals a reality <3

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Until next time,

Many blessings