As a huge lover of meditation I thought I’d share some reflections on how it is beneficial for helping anxiety and maintaining healthy stress levels. I started meditating to help relieve my anxiety, relax and become more grounded.

By learning a few basics YOU CAN begin to meditate TODAY and enjoy the benefits. Though meditation is often associated with philosophy and religion it doesn’t need to be. The basic techniques can be applied by anyone.

What makes meditation so effective in relieving stress and anxiety isbeing in the present moment. This initial step has immense psychological benefits that provide powerful and soothing relief for anxiety. When you are not worrying over the future and not stressing over what happened in your past. You are at peace. You just “are”. Your ability to be in the present moment will strengthen over time, however you will experience the benefits immediately.

If you are a beginner it may be beneficial to start with 5 minutes. Set a timer and remain still with your eyes closed. You may want to try something called breath meditation. Allow the breath to be free and natural. Feel your breath at the belly, chest or nose tip. Just focus your mind on your breath. Is it long, short, deep or shallow? I like to imagine I am breathing through a straw and filling up a balloon in my stomach. Keep your spine tall and long, sitting firmly whether on your chair or cushion. An easy way to remember this is to picture a marionette pulling you up by a string.

If you start thinking about the past or future, allow the thought to flow out of your mind and bring your attention back to your breath. Each time you do this your brain is rewired to automatically be more present and living in flow. Quieting the mind during meditation takes time and practice. Do not get discouraged if it takes awhile, it will get easier the more you do it and it is SOOO WORTH IT!

I am not an expert in meditation and I still have much more to learn and experience. However I do know that everyone should experience meditation and practice it daily. Even 10 to 20 minutes a day can prove immensely beneficial. Stress and anxiety will be greatly decreased with continual practice. You will become grounded and have a higher quality of life.

Now go get your meditation on!

Your coach and friend,