Success looks different to everyone, but most of us strive to be successful in our personal lives and careers. We are often looking for the next opportunity or promotion to propel us into being what we define as successful. But what does it really mean to be successful and live a successful life? For some it may mean financial wealth, while others find success in time with family or having positive relationships. In order to have a successful life we must first consider what success means to us an individual. This article will look at ways you can determine what success means to you and help you identify exactly how you can live a successful life. Check out our tips on how successful people think to help you get started with your success goals.

Define What Success Means to You

What matters to you shapes your perception of success. If you crave power, you may not feel successful without managing a team or feeling like you have a say in decisions. If financial incentives drive you, you could constantly be in pursuit of more and more. Or, if relationships seem to matter most, you may crave more balance in your work life. Our own opinions of success directly shape how we find it.

Taking time to reflect on what matters to you can go a long way towards helping you live a successful live. Consider asking yourself the following questions. What excites you? What sparks your passion? What do you imagine when you think about success? Take time and be real with yourself about what being successful means to you. Consider making a vision board with your goals and ensure that they are both achievable, measurable and are aligned with your values.

Would you feel successful in a job you loved, even if it wasn’t high paying? Would you feel successful if a job required long hours away from family but offered you wealth? Without taking time to set a vision of success, you may find yourself lost in an idea that you can’t define. Having a vision gives you direction but also helps you become a better decision maker.

Go After Your Goals

If your vision of success includes very specific goals such as obtaining a promotion, starting a business, or getting a job in a specific field, then it’s time to start putting your goals into action. You might not be in control of every aspect of your journey to success, but you are in charge of doing everything you can to make it happen for you. The following list will give you tips on how to obtain your goals and find success in your career.

  • Identify your path – What do you need to do today to make your goals a reality? Find out what others have done to get to the place where you wish to be. What education and training will you need? What steps can you take to get the experience needed to be successful?
  • Ask for what you want – Let the people around you know what your goals are and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. If you don’t let those around you know that you want more out of your career, you could easily be overlooked. Show your boss and your colleagues that you are driven and committed to achieving your goals
  • Accept failure and learn – The plan never goes exactly like you’ve imagined, and you will have ups and downs on your path to success. Don’t get stuck if your success isn’t what you imagine it to be yet. Learn through every step of the journey.

If you need help with finding clarity in your goals and with defining success it may be a good idea to find a life coach to help you with career coaching. A great life coach can help you get unstuck and develop a plan for success.


Don’t Settle

Sometimes we have to do things that we don’t love in order to help us achieve our goals and become successful. We might have to work a job we hate for a period of time in order to gain experience. Or we have to work longer hours then we would prefer to meet a deadline. Doing this is not always what we want, but if it is part of a path to success it can be part of the journey for a period of time. Working hard in the short term for more freedom or success in the future isn’t settling.

However, we need to ensure that we are making decisions that help us achieve success without compromising our values. If your working to achieve your goals are making you miserable, then it may be time to reevaluate what success means to you. Start from the beginning and look at what you want, how you can achieve it and what steps you need to make it happen. If the path you are on isn’t helping you live the successful life you dream of then it may be time to make a change.

It is important to find a balance between our personal lives and careers and to manage those stressors. If you are finding that your career isn’t fulfilling you desire for success you can also look elsewhere and build success into your life. Consider volunteering or investing your time in relationships. Both can give you a sense of success, fulfillment and purpose as you move towards meeting your career success goals. Always stay focused on your goals and your personal vision of success but don’t stop yourself from finding success in unexpected places along the way.

Success Is What You Make It

You are in control of your thoughts and actions and only you are able to create a successful life for yourself. There are many steps you can take to make your dreams of success a reality but all require hard work and dedication.

Take control of your success and develop a plan for how you will get there. Goals can be short or long term but without a vision you likely won’t find the drive you need to achieve success. Don’t be afraid to out yourself out there and tell the world what you want. You steer the ship of your own success and can overcome failures and challenges along the way.