Are you in your 50’s and considering a career change? Many people find that as they age their interests and priorities in life have shifted. For some they simply don’t feel challenged by their current work environment. While others feel that their career is taking up too much of their energy. No matter what your reasons may be, making a career change later in life can be stressful.

If you’ve been working for a company or in a specific field for a long period of time, you may feel like you don’t know how to get started with making a change. At 50 you might not be planning on working for another 25 years, but your life and work experience can make you an asset to any potential employer. Don’t let fear of change stop you from realizing your dreams. See our tips below and learn how to change your career at 50.

What To Consider When Making a Career Change at 50

  • Do Your Research – the first step in making a career change at 50 is to get started with some research. If you don’t already have an idea of what you would like to do, start brainstorming ideas. Next, it’s time to investigate what you need to do to qualify for your desired career change. At 50, you have a wealth of life experience. But you might need some additional qualifications for certain career paths. Do your research on the big picture and understand what you need to successfully find a career in your desired industry.
  • Freshen Up Your Resume – if you’ve been at a specific job for a long time, it may have been some time since you’ve updated your resume. Consider looking into professional resume writing services. A good resume writer can help you shine by highlighting your strengths and detailing your relevant experience.
  • Boost Your Confidence – if it’s been a while since you’ve applied for a new job, your confidence might need a boost. In our previous article “How to Build Confidence” we provide tips on how to boost your confidence. Use these tips to emulate who you are to potential employers, you’ve got this!
  • Be Realistic – though you can do anything you put your mind to, sometimes physical limitations may hold you back. If you’ve always wanted to work in a physically demanding field like Policing or Firefighting, 50 might be getting a little old for that career change. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t become involved in volunteer areas of this field. Set your goals high but be mindful of what limitations you may come across.

Get Outside Support

Changing careers at 50 can be very rewarding. Though you may have a variety of reasons for wanting a change you should be proud of yourself for going after what you want. If you haven’t already, lean into your support network for help with making your career change.

If you feel like you could use additional support, consider reaching out to a certified life coach. A good life coach can help you find clarity and provide guidance during your shift in career.