Audio Transcription

Hi, guys. This is Lisa from just popping in to have a little conversation about fear. Fear is something that holds us back in business, I think, more than anything else, the fear of stepping out of our comfort zone, the fear of going after what we really want. The thing about fear is, and a lot of times when my clients come to me in my Success Made Simple Program, there’s these fears that are going on but no one really understands or even has really thought about what they’re scared of.

Here’s a fear that a lot of people have. If you have an online business, I’m sure you can relate and that’s the fear of doing video. If you have a fear of doing video, have you ever asked yourself what you’re really scared of? What is it about whatever you’re scared of, what is it about that that you’re scared of? What happens is a lot of times, people will think about some things. Let’s think about some common things in business, okay, putting yourself out there. Say, doing a video or making a phone call to someone who … a potential customer, a potential client, someone who could help move your business ahead and you have this fear. When you feel that fear, you instantly shut it off and you push it away and say, “I’m not going to do that. I’m just … I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to even think about it. Forget about it. I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m too scared.”

What happens is you … A lot of people don’t take the time to really ask themselves, “Well, what is it that I’m actually scared of? What am I scared is going to happen?” It’s not the thing you’re doing that you’re scared of. It’s what’s going to happen potentially and how whatever is going to happen is going to make you feel that you’re scared of. You’re really running from a feeling. Let’s take video, for instance. If you’re scared to put yourself in video, now if you have a business, you know that video is huge now. It’s massive. You know whatever business you have that video, online video is probably going to help move your business forward, whether you have an online business, whether you have a brick and mortar business, it probably is.

Now, many, many, many, many people do not want to do video, okay? Ask yourself, what is it that I’m scared of? If I can think of a few years ago before I did my first video and I was terrified, I felt like a complete goof, my first video ever was on my website. It took me … Was it two days or three days? At least two full days of filming to put this one-minute video out. Finally, I got the darn thing done because I was just so fed up of sitting in front of that camera and to be honest with you, I’m not even sure if I understood what I was so scared of but when I can think about it now, it’s … Most people are scared about, well, they’re going to make a fool out of themselves. People aren’t going to like them. People are going to say stuff to them. They’re not going to be accepted and you build up this monster in your mind and talk yourself or think yourself out of doing it completely.

Here’s what I do to be able to move past any fear and just do it, okay? That’s not to say that there’s not fears that I have right now that aren’t holding me back. For one, I still have big groups of people so when I think about speaking in front of a group of 500 or more people, that freaks me out, okay? We all have fears. It doesn’t matter if it’s … Whatever the fear is to you, it’s a big fear. This is what I do to get over my fear. I get comfortable with the worst case scenario and to note how often does the worst case scenario really happen? I would say very rarely. Of course, I’m sure it happens but usually, it’s much worse in our mind. Get really comfortable with the worst case scenario.

Let’s say making a phone call. Let’s make a phone call to someone, cold calling. I’m not even sure how many people still do cold calling but that’s a huge fear for a lot of people. Let’s get comfortable, what would the worst case scenario be? You cold call someone and they start screaming profanities in your ear. That’s the only thing I could think of. They start screaming profanities in your ear, yelling at you, telling you off. Could you be comfortable with that? What I do is I will literally put myself in that situation and think about it. It might take a few minutes, and get really comfortable with the fact that that’s what might happen, okay? The more you can think about something and get comfortable and ask yourself, “Will I be able to survive this? Will I come out the other end okay?” the answer is always yes, you will survive. You will be okay. That fear no longer has power over you.

Let’s say doing video. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Someone leaves you a nasty comment, right? Online trolls, okay? I have totally been trolled on my YouTube account and had nasty comments left and yes, it doesn’t feel good. Yes, the first time is always the worst but you know what, you do survive and now, if I get a nasty comment, it’s honestly comical because you have to think whoever’s leaving this obviously has a little too much time on their hand but yes, that fear is definitely real and it stops a lot of people from putting their message out into the world because they’re scared of what people might say. As humans, we like to be liked and it’s natural not to want to be rejected so that’s a real fear.

If you can get comfortable and put yourself in the situation and really visualize, “Okay, what if I did put out a video and I woke up and 10 people had these nasty things to say to me and they left it under my video, could I be okay with that? Am I going to survive that? Is that going to stop me from continuing to put my videos out?” Once you can get fully comfortable and know for yourself that it’s not going to stop you, you will survive, it will be okay, that fear no longer has the power over you, okay?

Let me know if this is making sense to you. For me, it’s always … It’s easier to start small. Start with this something that you’re fearing and you’re … It might not be a gigantic fear. It might just be a tiny little one you’re kind of been putting off. Try that. Try this out and go and try to do whatever that thing is you’re scared of because what happens is when you start doing this and you start really slipping out of your comfort zone and feeling those fears but doing it anyways, then you start getting that momentum going. What happens is at least for me, is you can start getting addicted to that feeling because when you are able to move through a fear and do it anyways, you can get a rush. It’s an accomplishment and when you can teach your brain to get addicted to that accomplishment or start chasing that accomplishment, imagine what you can build, create, accomplish in your business, okay?

Fears are always going to be there. When you start moving up, stepping up, there’s going to be new fears, there’s going to be new things to be scared of but get comfortable with the worst case scenario, okay? Once you’re comfortable, do whatever that thing you’re scared of is. Then, find the next thing. Get that momentum going and you’ll be shocked at how easy it becomes to do things that once terrified you, how easy it is like video for me was terrifying before. Now, it’s just like second nature. If you follow me on my Instagram stories, you’ll see I do videos all the time and it’s not weird anymore and it’s not uncomfortable. Whatever you’re fearing right now, know that it can do a complete 180 and you can become completely comfortable and move through it with ease. It’s just that initial push, jump that’s the hardest.

That’s it. If you have any questions, if you want some accountability, put whatever you’re going to do in the comment section. Whatever you’re fearing right now and usually, it’s the first thing that pops in your head when I say what are you fearing right now that could move you forward in your business and you’re not doing, whatever is that first thing that pops in your head is the thing you need to do. If you want some accountability, then put it in the comment section and we can keep you accountable to do that. That’s it. My wish for you is that you get comfortable feeling fear and moving through it because when you can do that, you become unstoppable and your business is just going to take off. That’s it. I’m going to go finish up some work and I will talk to you guys soon. Ciao.