Self Esteem & Confidence Coaching


Imagine increasing your belief in yourself and your abilities tenfold. How would that improve where you are right now?

Do you find yourself lacking the confidence to make a big change in your life? Does stepping outside of your comfort zone make you anxious?

Is low self-esteem or insecurity holding you back from achieving something greater? Professional confidence coaching may be the answer to helping you achieve the next level in your business or personal life.

Personal and executive confidence coaching can help you address some of the most common self-confidence concerns and give you the tools you need to remove self-doubt and uncertainty. You’ll gain a new enthusiasm for life, be motivated to take action, feel good about yourself, and work towards changes that will lead you to achieve your full potential.

Remember, building confidence requires a lifestyle and mindset change. A confidence and self-esteem coach can help you through this process, offering individually tailored support and coaching to assist you in becoming confident in your personal and professional life.

About Lisa Jeffs, Confidence and Self-Esteem Coach

I’m Lisa Jeffs, and I believe that confidence coaching can help you unlock your full potential as a leader or entrepreneur. I’ve worked as a personal coach for individuals in Toronto and across the globe to tackle their confidence and self-esteem challenges through powerful coaching, helping them transform their work, relationships, and opportunities.

My process involves an initial assessment of where you are currently in your journey. We then look at your needs and goals, followed by planning and support to empower you to get on the right track. We’ll work together to identify what’s holding you back, and make a plan of action that fits into your lifestyle. You’ll benefit from ongoing support and mentorship throughout our time together.

Following your self-confidence coaching package, you’ll emerge with a renewed focus on your personal and career goals, have a better understanding of your individual confidence pitfalls, and be equipped with the tools you need to overcome these obstacles and start succeeding.

Don’t wait to start living your new, confident lifestyle. If you’re ready to go all-in and invest in yourself, I would love to hear from you!

For more information on my private self-confidence coaching packages, or to book a no-obligation discovery session, contact me today.