Have you ever had a dream of working at a certain place or in a certain job? Maybe you have a dream of working for yourself or starting your own business. The idea of a dream career typically involves you envisioning happiness, success and a sense of completeness in your role. Though some people feel they have found their dream job and have achieved working in it, others feel lost and unsure of what their dream career even is.

In this article, we will give you tips on how to know your dream career when you spot it as well as how to manifest your dream career. You can achieve your dream career if you have a clear vision of what a dream career means to you. Use our tips below to help you determine what your dream career is and start taking action to make your dreams, your reality.

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What is Your Dream Career?

Do you struggle with defining your dream career? Sometimes knowing what you desire as your “dream career” can feel overwhelming. When you hear others speak about their dream careers, they may have ideas that come to mind instantly. But, if you can’t envision a specific job or company that you would love to work for, you might be feeling stuck and without direction. The good news is that your dream career does not have to be a specific job at a specific company. Instead, your dream career can be a feeling or a set of circumstances that allow you to live a happy, fulfilled, and successful life.

If your definition of a dream career isn’t linked to a specific job you may be wondering, how do I find my dream career? The answer to this question can only be found by focusing on yourself and your values. Your dream career, whether it be a specific job or not, will be the one that allows you fulfillment and success in your life. Consider reflecting on the following point in order to help you discover what a dream career is to you.

Determine Your Values – your dream career should be the job that reflects who you are. This doesn’t mean that if you like cooking, your dream job is to be a chef, though it very well could be. What this means is that your values are represented in your work. Do you value protecting the environment, giving back to others, or even teaching others and sharing your knowledge? A dream job could allow you to live your values in your day-to-day work, or it could give you the freedom to be able to stay true to your values outside of the workplace. A career that aligns with your values and allows you to live in a way that is true to these values should help you feel successful within your role and fulfilled in life.

Envision Your Most Successful Self – when you are looking to manifest your dream career it is crucial that you can envision your career as allowing you to live as your most successful self. For this to work, you need to have a solid definition of what success means to you. Consider our previous article “How Do People Define Success” for help with defining what success means to you. Your dream career should reflect your definition of success. This could mean you have a highly powerful role in owning a successful business, or it could mean working part-time in order to travel. Your dream career will be the one that allows you to live your most successful life.


Consider Your Life Outside of Work – considering your outside life as part of your dream career goes hand in hand with your definition of success. Try to remember that you are a whole person who has value and dreams outside of your work life. It can be easy to turn your career into your identity, especially when we spend so much of our time at our jobs. But your dream career should be one that compliments you as a whole person. Do not forget to consider how your dream career impacts your family or your ability to engage in hobbies. A dream career should not be your sole focus, but it should be an exciting part of your life.

How Can I Achieve My Dream Career?

Having a dream career can sometimes lead you to be hyper-focused on one specific job. Though focus can help you achieve your goals, sometimes it can lead to tunnel vision or even a loss of confidence if you don’t achieve your dream. Consider making your dream career the role that allows you to live a successful life that you love. Every person defines their dream career differently and your dream career should be entirely personal to you.

If you are struggling with defining our achieving your dream career, it may be time for a change in perspective. Consider reading our previous article “how to have a successful life” for tips on finding your success. Apply these tips to your quest for a dream career and consider reaching out to a personal coach to help you get in tune with what your success means to you.