Why Work With Lisa Jeffs: Intuitive Toronto Life Coach?


Meet Lisa Jeffs: more than just a certified coach with over a decade of experience, she is a visionary, a speaker, and an intuitive, that holds a B.A. from Ryerson University. As a former child and youth counselor for 16 years, Lisa possesses a profound understanding of human nature. Her core belief? Every individual is born with a distinct purpose, waiting to be realized in this lifetime. And her mission is to help you unveil and embrace yours.

Lisa is not just about motivation; she’s about transformation. She has empowered leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and artists to shatter the chains of fear, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs. With her guidance, they’ve gained clarity, and confidence, and crafted lives that resonate with their truest selves—all while making a meaningful impact and achieving success on their unique terms.

Since starting her business over 10 years ago and launching her online life coaching platform, Lisa’s influence has captivated over 34,000 followers and catalyzed change in the lives of countless driven leaders.

Her voice and insights have graced esteemed platforms including The National Post, Bumble Bizz, Toronto 640 Talk Radio, The University Of Ottawa, Tiny Buddha, and Thrive Global, among others.

If you’re set on forging a life that not only defines success but also purpose and passion, Lisa Jeffs is the ally you’ve been seeking. Join her in creating ripples of positive impact in the world.