You work all week at a job you hate, complaining everyday how you wish it were Friday. Friday comes and you zone out until 6 pm Sunday at which point the complaining begins again about the upcoming week.



You dream about retiring and talk to your friends about how good it will be when you can finally start enjoying life.



Does this sound familiar??



Do you really think you came here to live a life like this??



For the love of god please stop thinking this is what life is about!



For the love of god please stop surrendering all your power!



YOU have the power to create the life you want. YOU have the power to want more for yourself and live up to the greatness that is inside of you!



YOU are not a slave to the world around you.



STOP acting as though you don’t have choices!



YOU have choices!



What’s holding you back isn’t lack of choices. It is fear.



Fear controls many.



Fear & worry dictate many lives.



Chose to be one of the few who feel the fear and do it anyways!



It’s not about being fearless.



It’s about believing in yourself and your own capabilities enough to go after what you want. Despite of fear.



Your life. Your choice. Your reality.



What is going on in your outside world right now is a reflection of what is going on inside.



You want to change what is going on outside. Change what is going on inside first.



Change your mindset. Change your beliefs.



You can choose what you want to believe.



The problem is most people chose to believe they have no control over their reality. Most people chose to believe life is hard. Life is a struggle. Life is meant to work at a job you hate so you can retire and then finally enjoy life.



Why not chose to believe something different. Why not chose to believe life is easy. Life is filled with abundance. Life is magical when you are living in alignment with your purpose.



You have a choice!



Write it out.



I choose to believe life is easy


I choose to believe I can make a living doing what I love


I choose to believe I have everything I need to succeed


I choose to believe I have so much to give to this world



Write out your new beliefs everyday for 30 days and see how your mindset will shift. Then watch how your life will start to shift.



Or do nothing.



Your choice. Your life. Your reality.



You have the power to create your reality through your choices.



Choose wisely.



Remember you create your reality. 



Lots of love,









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