Finding a good life coach doesn’t have to be difficult. But with a large selection of life coaches to choose from it my be confusing trying to determine who is a good life coach. You may even find yourself doubting your decision and have trouble committing to working with a life coach. Every coach will have a different approach to life coaching and the best coach for you is the coach that resonates with your unique needs.

Although at the end of the day the most important factor in choosing a life coach is you, we do have some great tips for helping you guide yourself to a coach who will help you with achieving your goals. Consider the follow tips and reflect on what they mean to you. Apply your values to your search for a good life coach and you will be sure to find the best life coach for you!

Determine What Traits You Are Looking For

You are the best judge of what you are looking for in a life coach and only you will know who the best life coach for you is. As you begin your search for a good life coach, you should ask yourself what you are looking for as well as what traits are important to you in a life coach.

Consider asking yourself the following questions;

  • Am I ok with my life coach being the same age, older or younger than me?
  • What experience am I looking for in a life coach?
  • What approach to coaching best suites my personality?
  • Am I comfortable with a coach of the opposite gender?
  • What values does the coach represent?

These questions will help you better understand exactly what you are looking for in a life coach and will help you to avoid hiring a coach that isn’t a great fit. By answering these questions ahead of time, you will be able to narrow your search by doing research on each life coach you come across.

Keep in mind that it may be helpful to keep an open mind and be willing to get outside of your comfort zone. If you are looking to hire a life coach you are likely looking to make positive changes in your life. Consider challenging your own predetermined options and consider trying out a coach that will push you out of your comfort zone.

Have A Trusting Relationship

One of, if not the most, important things to considering when looking to find a good life coach is finding someone you can connect with. Your life coach needs to be some you trust and someone that you actually want to talk to. If you don’t feel completely comfortable speaking with your life coach about your personal goals and challenges they won’t be able to assist you to the best of their abilities.

A good life coach not only provides you with advice and guidance but they should also be a great listener and provide confidence coaching. When interviewing life coaches consider how you felt when speaking to them for the first time.

  • Did you feel like you could develop a connection with this person?
  • Did you get a good feeling about your initial conversation?
  • Did the conversation feel judgment free?
  • Did you feel heard and safe?

While searching for a life coach it is a good idea to go with your gut and assume that if you feel the person not a good fit for you, you are probably right. Always reflect on why you feel this way but you should feel completely comfortable with and trust your life coach.


Know The Type of Coach You Need

Some coaches will help you with very specific aspects of your life such as finances, entrepreneur career coaching or relationships while others will focus on many aspects of your life in a holistic approach including aspects like spirituality. Knowing exactly where you would like support in your life will make your search easier.

It is a great idea to find a life coach that is focused on your exact goals to help you dial in your focus and give you the exact support you are looking for. Although many aspects of our lives overlap such as career goals and work life balance you should consider looking for a coach that specializes in your primary focus area.

Look For Free Consultation And Resources

It is important to be sure that you resonate with your life coach’s style. Take advantage of any free trial offers that a coach may offer in order to trial run their services and get a feel for the coaches style. Booking a trial session with a life coach is the best way to get an understand of whether or not this person will be able to assist you in reaching your goals.

While looking for a good life coach you should also take a look at their online presence on both websites and social media. This will give you a free sneak peek into understanding who the coach is as a person, what their style is, and what their values are. Many life coaches offer free eBooks or provide helpful information on their web pages. You will also be able to see how they interact with their followers and know if this person is a good fit for you.

Know Yourself

Taking into consideration who you are and what you expect from a life coach will serve you well when finding a good life coach. Only you can know what you are looking for help with but don’t be afraid to keep an open mind.

By knowing yourself you will be best served in finding a good life coach. There are many good life coaches available but the best life coach is one that you can relate to, that your trust, and that helps you to achieve your own personal goals. Do your research but don’t overthink the process and go with your gut.