We’ve likely all heard the phrase “if you do something you love you’ll never work a day in your life”. Doesn’t that sound like a novel idea? To enjoy what you are doing so much that you aren’t bothered by the in and outs of daily life. Though it is hard to imagine for some, many people quote this phrase when they speak about their careers. But what do you do when you have never felt this way about a job? If you are feeling stuck in a cycle of not enjoying your work then you might have wondered, how do I find passion in my life? Though some people find that their careers are rewarding, it is ok to recognize that not all passion in life must come from a career. This article will detail way in which you can find passion in your life now and make your happiness a priority.

Don’t Get Over Fixated on Your Career

Some people seem to find their passions quickly in life and are easily able to align their passions with their career. But for many people this truly is not the case. Some people dread their workplace and long for the time to themselves. Others are excited and motivated by their work wanting nothing more than to be in the office or brainstorming new ideas. Though it is a good idea to choose a career path and workplace that you enjoy, it is important to understand that your career does not have to be your passion.

Some people are truly passionate about what they do. But your happiness does not have to and surly shouldn’t revolve only around your job. For many it is simply a nice bonus that they enjoy their work. If you are feeling like a failure because you are stuck in a job you don’t like it may be a good time to reconsider what you define success as. It is healthy to have a well-rounded experience in life where you find passion and happiness outside of the things you do for money.

Is Passion Related to Success?

In previous article “How Do People Define Success” we discussed a variety of different ways that people define their success. Though many people find success and fulfilment from their career’s others define success by the relationships and personal development they obtain. When looking at defining success we should also consider our passions and how they fit into your definition of success. Maybe being successful in your career means that you have time, flexibility and resources to participate in your passions?

It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with wishing to align your passion with your work. Many people find that they feel the most successful doing what they love. If you are stuck in a career you don’t love it might be a good idea to consider pursuing career options that are a part of your passion. Many people are drawn to entrepreneurship simply because it allows them to dive into their passion and allow what they love to make them money too.

How to Identify Your Passion

Are you unsure of what your passions is? If you currently feel that you are lacking passion in your life, and you don’t know how to find passions you might want to consider asking yourself these questions.

  • What makes me feel the most excited – do you have something in your life that simply makes you happy and excited every time you do it? It could be learning about a topic, completing an activity, working on a hobby or even travel. If it makes you excited it is likely something you are passionate about.
  • What do I find myself wishing I could do more – if time and money were no object what would you do more of? The things you find yourself craving time for are often the things you are most passionate about. Even if it is something as simple as working out, if you want more of it, you are passionate about it.
  • What would I be willing to do for free – is there anything in life that you would do for others even if it cost you your time? Do you currently volunteer in some capacity or provide your services or knowledge to others? The things you would do without compensation are just as important as the things you do for money.

Try New Things

If you’ve asked yourself the above questions and you still aren’t sure where your passions lay its likely time to start expanding your horizons. Take time to consider things you like. Consider what things you did when you were a child. Or things you always wish you could have tried but didn’t. Allow yourself to experience more in life and let your intuition guide you towards the things that bring you happiness.

Passion does not need to be found in your professional life. But having passions that compliment your career can help you feel successful. See our article “How to Have A Successful Life” for tips on identifying what success means to you.


Reach Out When You Need Help

Feeling without passion in life can sometimes make you feel alone or even depressed. If this is ever the case, you should consider reaching out to your support network for help. Sometimes outside perspective is all we need to help us see the wonderful things we already have.

If you are looking to incorporate your passions with your career it might be a good idea to consider hiring a life coach. A good life coach can help you gain perspective on your current situation. They can also help you align your career goals with your passion. Be it starting a new business or developing a better work life balance. A life coach has the skills to help you develop a plan to start living your life to the fullest potential. You can be successful and pursue your passions. Let a great life coach help you see how.