If you’re anything like me you’re not a naturally focused person. You can drift off… daydream… bounce from one idea to the next and spend a lot of time getting NOTHING done. And as much as I hate scheduling and planning, it’s something I have to do, or a lot of time and energy will leak out of my day.

 Yesterday on my insta-story I posted I’m re-doing my entire schedule. Starting over and really making it suits my needs and desires. Not to mention I have so many awesome projects coming up in August and September if I’m not organized, in about a week, the overwhelm is gonna get real!
Now if you’re naturally focused and an amazing organizer, hats off to you. I’m sure you have an incredible system already in place.
If you’re like me and would rather ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ but know that’s not helping you create the success you want in your life and business then keep reading for some help…
Here’s what to do to keep it simple…
Grab a pen and paper and start getting clear… What does your perfect week look like? How many days do you want to work? From what hour to what hour (unless you already have set hours). What days do you want to take off? What days do you want to see clients and what days are strictly for working ON your business? What do you want to do on your days off? What is important to you? Write it out… make it exciting. There are no ‘shoulds’ here. Create what feels good to you.
Decide what your perfect day looks like. What are the non-negotiables that keep you sane and grounded? Maybe it’s going to the gym… meditating… talking to a friend… creating content for your audience. Where does everything fit into your day? What times are for work, personal growth, fun, self-care, and family/loved ones? Write it all out until it feels really GOOD.
If you have idea’s or projects you’re working on… brain dump everything you can think of that needs to happen. Even the smallest things. It doesn’t have to be in order… just dump it all out!
Decide what you will do yourself and what will be outsourced. Then decide what needs to happen first… second… third etc. to create the most seamless development of your project.
Start to input the tasks into your scheduler of choice. Whether that’s google calendar, an app on your phone or a good ol’ fashioned paper and pen organizer. It doesn’t matter, find what works for you and what you will stick with. If you never open it, it won’t be helpful so find what works (this may take a few tries).
Input the month, week, day, hour every task is going to get done. This doesn’t have to be fancy or colour coded. Legible would be helpful 😉
Now, this process may seem daunting, annoying… or just plain ol’ blah. BUT…
When everything is out of your head and down onto a platform you will be able to see how one thing powerfully leads into the next. And it’s a simple act of going through each task [troubleshooting when needed] [rearranging when needed] that will bring your idea, project, vision to life!
And that’s what we all desire. Spinning wheels and going around in distracted circles is NOT FUN!
Lots of love,