In our previous article “Why Is Personal Growth Important?” we discussed what personal growth is and why it should matter to you. But you may be wondering, how do I measure personal growth? Being that personal growth does not mean the same thing to each person you may be feeling stuck regarding how to determine if you are achieving results in your personal growth initiatives.

In this article we will discuss the ways in which you can measure your own personal growth. Success in personal growth can be so much more than simply achieving specific goals. When you put the work into yourself you should see results in many areas of your life. See our top areas for measuring self growth and see if you are in alignment with your desired path.


Relationships with others might not be the top of your list of reasons why you are working on personal growth, but they are likely to gain a boost from your efforts. You’ve likely heard the saying “you can’t fill from an empty cup”. Though this is most commonly quoted in the context of self care, it fits into the box of personal growth too.

When you are taking the time to work on yourself, be it through reading, learning a new skill, or simply investing time in self reflection, you enrich your ability to also be there for others. Look at your relationships as they are today. Do you feel that they are nourished and functional?

Evaluate your personal growth in your ability to spend quality time with those around you. If you have been working hard on bettering yourself, you are likely to learn how to prioritize your time. You know that your time matters, and you give all your attention to others when you are with them. Are you able to put the phone down or stop answering emails? Consider this when determining if you are spending quality time and know that how you give your time is an important part of personal growth.


Confidence is something you feel more than you can tangibility measure. But by working on yourself regarding personal growth, you are likely to feel more confident. In order to measure your confidence level, you may have to reflect on where you were vs. where you are today. If you don’t already do so, consider journaling. Doing this can help you to think deeply about where you felt you lacked confidence and where you feel more confident today. There are many areas of life in which personal growth can help improve confidence. Consider evaluating where how you feel about these areas when journaling;

  • Workplace confidence
  • Confidence in public speaking
  • Confidence within a relationship
  • Confidence in physical abilities
  • Confidence in body image

Working towards building confidence is important for personal growth. Consider reading articles like “How to Regain Confidence” or “How to Dress With Confidence” to help you both measure where you can make improvements and build on your confidence in life.


Another aspect of personal growth that may not be obvious at first is your mindset. Like confidence, this measurable area will likely take some reflection in order to help you identify your progress. But consider how you feel about areas of your life. Personal growth can help you to see through your limiting beliefs in order to allow you to take on your goals. But mindset can be a bit abstract if you aren’t paying attention to what areas of your life you are making strides in. Consider asking yourself these questions to see if your mindset is in alignment with your personal growth and ideals.

  • Am I comparing myself to others too often?
  • Do I like who I am today?
  • Am I in reach of my goals?

If you are shifting your mindset and answering these questions in a positive light (even when there are negatives) you are likely making progress in personal growth. Consider measuring this by reflecting on how you would have answered these questions six months, a year or even five years ago. Changing can be an important part of personal growth. Your mindset shift over time can help you see where you are making progress.


Tangible Measurements & Success

The previous points we have talked about this article are more abstract than concrete and measurable results. But it is very important to be able to both measure and observe what tangible growth you have been making. Our personal success is one area in which we can see if we are making strides in personal growth.

Your personal growth goals may be related to work, physical fitness, or acquiring a new skill. No matter what you are choosing to improve upon you should be setting realistic goals that you can measure. In order to measure your personal growth and success you should consider setting SMART goals. A SMART goal is as follows;

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time – bound

By setting goals in this way you make it easy to see what is and isn’t working for you. Personal growth can easily be measured when you take steps to make it so. Don’t be vague with your goals and it will be easier to both act towards them and measure what you have achieved. Always be mindful that success is more than just reaching out goals. Consider reading our article “How Do People Define Success” to help you gain perspective when setting goals and measuring success.

What If I Don’t See Progress?

If you are finding it difficult to see the value of personal growth, it may be time to speak with a life coach. A qualified life coach can help you give your perspective on the areas in your life in which you are wishing to improve. They are also able to help you develop a plan to grow and achieve your goals in both your career and personal life. Reach out to certified life coach Lisa Jeffs and find clarity in your success today.