If you consider yourself to be a spiritual person and in tune with your spiritual well-being, you may be wondering if it is possible to share your resources and talents with others. Though many who are spiritual believe in giving to others, they sometimes feel uncomfortable with the idea of being compensated for their time. Starting a spiritual business can be a great way to align your life and passion with your career and financial well-being. But how do you start a spiritual home-based business or a spiritual business in any capacity?

In this article, we will help you learn how to build a spiritual business and tune into your passion. There is no one way to build a spiritual business online or for in-person services. Trust your instincts as you build a business that is aligned with you spiritually and also gives to those you wish to serve.

Always remember that it is ok to need support or ask for help as you build a business that you love. Consider reaching out to a spiritual business coach such as Lisa Jeffs. Lisa has worked with hundreds of clients to help them move past their fear and doubts to live a successful life and build a business that reflects who they are. Contact Lisa today and let her help you learn how to start and grow your spiritually based business.

What Is A Spiritual Business?

When you are considering starting a new spiritually based business you may be lacking clarity on what this truly means to you. There is no one set business type that can provide spiritual offerings to others, so you do not have to fall into the idea that you must do what everyone else is doing. Simply put, a spiritual business is any business that provides spiritual growth services or holistic solutions for a variety of life and work events.

When starting a spiritual-based business, it is crucial that you are aligned with the product you wish to sell or the service you wish to provide. You cannot serve others and build a successful and fulfilling business if you do not feel connected to the business itself. For many entrepreneurs, this is a process and not something that happens overnight. Always remember that failure is a part of every journey to success. Allow yourself to explore what a spiritual business means to you and what offerings you can bring to those you wish to serve.

Some examples of spiritually based business can include:

  • Spiritual life coaching
  • Holistic nutritionist or health practitioner
  • Spiritual interior design and décor services
  • Doula and birthing services
  • Spiritual health and well-being services.
  • Meditation coaching services
  • Psychic and intuitive services
  • Tarot
  • Mediumship
  • Reiki and Energy Healing
  • Astrology and numerology services
  • Yoga instruction
  • Crystal or jewelry design
  • Candles or aromatherapy services

Always remember that you are free to create the spiritual business of your choosing. You are not required to limit yourself to one type of business and your spiritual business offerings may even combine many different services. Allow yourself to define a spiritual business for yourself and do not feel confined to doing what has already done before. The beauty of a spiritual-based business is that it reflects your gifts and gives back to others. Tune into what this means for you and allow this to shine in all aspects of your spiritually-based business.

How to Build a Spiritual Business?

Building your spiritual business is a process that in many ways should never stop. The tips below should be re-assessed on a regular basis to ensure you are building a business that aligns with who you are and how you want to show up.

  1. Connect with your vision of success – when it comes to starting a spiritually based business it is important that you have a clear understanding of what you wish to bring to others and what success you wish to receive. To do this you should have a clear vision of what success means to you. Consider the tips in our previous article “How to Have a Successful Life” to help you gain clarity on what your vision of success is. Whether you have serious financial goals or dream of making a lasting impact on your community, finding clarity in what success means to you will aid you in showing up authentically and always being aligned with your vision of success.
  2. Show up every day – once you know what you want to do and have a plan for how you will get started, your next step is to show up and do the work consistently. This can mean a variety of different things for different businesses. It could mean creating content for your audience or developing programs. It could include product development or giving yourself space to create. It could also mean getting the education and support you need to make your dreams come true. If you have a vision and a plan to make it happen, it is now on you to put those plans into motion and truly take control of your success as a spiritual business owner.
  3. Connect with your community – when you own a spiritual-based business there is no denying that your gifts may not be for everyone. Though that might sound discouraging, this is actually a good thing. Try not to dwell on the people who do not resonate with what you have to offer, instead lean into serving and connecting with your community. This can be done through online or in-person conversations, promotional offerings, or any other way in which you seek out and connect with those who are meant to hear your message. The more you lean into serving who you were made to serve, the more you will attract. This goes back to the concept of connecting with your vision. Discover who you were made to serve and be committed to making these people your priority. Your business should reflect who you are, and your clients will seek you out when you show up authentically.
  4. Embrace failure – your path to success as a spiritual business owner will include failure. Always keep this in mind as you build your spiritual business. You will make mistakes. Not everyone will resonate with your message. It won’t always feel good, but that doesn’t have to stop you from finding the thing that lights you up. Lean into your failures and try to find the lesson in them. Remember that as long as you keep working towards success, your failures will simply be a bump along the road rather than a roadblock. If you see failure as simply information that will help you get better for the next round you are setting yourself up for success.
  5. Be willing to evolve – as you build your spiritual business it is important to reflect on what your business means to you, who it is serving, and how it aligns with who you are. You may find that over time your vision for your business no longer aligns with who you are. It is perfectly ok to shift courses and change your business as you build it. Whether you continue to build on your foundation by adding more products and services or make a complete shift to something different, your spiritually based business should always be in alignment with who you are. This will allow you to feel fulfilled and live your most successful life as a spiritual business owner.

How To Market Your Spiritual Business

Once you have established your vision for your spiritual business and have confidence in your offerings, it is time to market your spiritual business and attract the clients you wish to serve. Below are some of our top tips for marketing your spiritual business.

  1. Do It Your Way – when it comes to marketing a spiritual business, you don’t have to be like everyone else. Always remember that you are in control of your business and by doing it your way, you will feel more aligned and connected to your success. Though there is something to be said for having a presence on social media platforms, it is ok to skip this is if simply does not resonate with you. You may prefer one platform over another or may want to skip one platform entirely. It is ok to do it your way, you will find the clients you are meant to serve by being true to who you are. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it.
  2. Connect with Other Businesses – the power of connection is important when it comes to running a spiritual based business. When you are seeking to market your business look towards connection with other businesses and people who are aligned with your values. Consider being a guest on a podcast or participating in presentations with other businesses that you love. Chances are the people you like will surround themselves with people who will like you too. Don’t focus on business as being in competition with others, instead lean into your greater community and allow yourself to find success through connecting with and boosting the success of those around you.
  3. Be Yourself – when you are creating a brand it is important to be yourself. Whether you choose to be in front of the camera when it comes to your business or stay behind the scenes the marketing images you share should reflect who you are. Let go of any expectations that your brand and the content you share needs to look like what others are doing. Craft your brand through tuning into who you are and what resonates with you. Your clients will be attracted to you for who you are.
  4. Get Support – if you are a business owner you are likely an expert at what you do. Whether it be making a product or providing a service, you know your “thing” inside and out. It would be completely understandable that you aren’t also an expert at all things branding and marketing. For this reason, it can be a great idea to get support with marketing your business. An expert can help you get found by your clients through organic or paid ads. And assist you in presenting the image you wish to share. Consider hiring a photographer to do a branding photoshoot or get a graphic designer to design and assist you with developing a logo and brand image that resonates with your brand. Getting the help of those who have the know-how when it comes to marketing for spiritual business can go a long way towards boosting your success. As you build your spiritual business consider hiring a professional to help you with your website and marketing needs.

Ask for Help and Accept Support

Whether you are new to entrepreneurship or simply making a shift towards a spiritually based business, having support can make all the difference.  Consider reaching out to your support network in every form they come in. From family and friends to mentors and spiritual business coaches, obtaining support can help uplift you and allow you to confidently present your business to the world. It is ok to ask for the help you want and seek it out if it is not readably available within your current support networks.


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