Working from home sounds great. From a 10 second commute to not needing to wear business attire, there are many perks to working remotely. But if you’re new to working from home you might be learning that there can be quite a few drawbacks as well.

Many people find that they are easily distracted when working from home and that their productivity suffers. With the right strategy in place you can work from home effectively. In this post we will identify our best working from home tips to help you succeed when your home becomes your office.

Tips for Making Working from Home Productive

Define Your Working Space

One of the first things you should do when working from home is to establish where you will work. If you have a dedicated office space this will likely be your first choice. If you are tight on space you may need to choose your working space more carefully.

Working from the couch may seem like a comfortable idea but it likely isn’t a good one. It can quickly become uncomfortable for your body and distracting for your mind. You are better to find a quiet space in your home and use a desk or table where you can comfortably sit upright and work effectively.

Have a Schedule

When you are trying to determine how to work from home effectively, one of the most important things you can do is develop a schedule. It can be too easy to get sidetracked when you don’t have a set start time. Whether it be 9 am or a little later, set a time to start work and stick to it. You should also schedule a lunch break and a few other times to take a break.

Working from home can sometimes be tough on your work life balance. Don’t forget to also set a time to stop working. Respect your own time and the time of others in your household. This will help create a better balance between work and life while working from home.


Eliminate Distractions

When figuring out how to focus when working from home, you will likely realize that it is very important to limit your distractions. Though some people feel that they work well with noise such as other people or the TV in the background, this can be a challenge for others.

If you feel you become easily distracted, consider scheduling yourself more short breaks. Use this time to check social media, talk with others in your home or take a brief walk. You don’t need to be totally focused all the time, but you should respect your own boundaries.

Don’t Worry Too Much

If you’re working from home and having a hard time being productive, cut yourself some slack. Working from home is not the norm for most people and it can take time to settle into a productive routine. Don’t be afraid to try out different tactics in order to figure out what works well for you.

One of the best parts from working from home is that you get to set the rules. So, don’t worry too much if you’ve had an unproductive day. Take it one day at a time and be flexible with yourself.