Are You in Need of Spiritual Business Coaching?


As a business owner or entrepreneur, there is so much to learn and always so much to do. Though you may have confidence in your abilities or your product, you might sometimes feel like something is missing or “off.” Many times, entrepreneurs look for help with aligning spirituality with their business. If you seek clarity, energetic alignment, and confidence in showing up as who you are meant to be, a spiritual business mentor may be a great option for you.  

Working with a spiritual business coach may be the key to unlocking your potential and living confidently as an entrepreneur. Consider reaching out to certified life coach and intuitive business coach Lisa Jeffs to help you move past your doubts and show up authentically and aligned in all areas of your life and business.

How Can a Spiritual Business Coach Help?

A spiritual business coach can help find peace and clarity in making powerful decisions as an entrepreneur. They can assist you in feeling confident and presenting your most authentic self to your clients and assist you in understanding who you were meant to serve. With the guidance of a spiritual business advisor you will work toward:

    • Increase your confidence so that you can set and achieve bigger goals
    • Create and align with your personal vision of success
    • Achieve your current goals and actualize your dreams
    • Stop self-sabotaging behaviour that is hindering your growth
    • Start or grow your spiritual business
    • Understand your greatest life’s purpose and how to bring it to life

Do I Have to Be Religious to Work with A Spiritual Life Coach?

Lisa Jeffs considers herself to be a spiritual guide rather than a religious one. However, spirituality and organized religion can go hand-in-hand. Often those who believe in God find working with a spiritual life coach to be affirming and in alignment with their faith. If you are looking to explore your spirituality or connect with the universe on a deeper level, a spiritual life coach may be just what you didn’t know you needed.  

Why Work with Lisa Jeffs?

Lisa Jeffs is a certified life coach and intuitive business coach. She has worked with hundreds of clients to move past their fear and doubt to realize their dreams. Lisa is passionate about working with driven leaders who are motivated to take control of their success and share their talents with the world. Apply to work with Lisa and find clarity and alignment while achieving your business goals.