What To Do With Negative Emotions On A Cleanse?

A lot of mental crap can come up when you are on a cleanse. The fact is that a lot of people aren’t even aware of what is going on inside of them internally because they are constantly shoving issues down with food, alcohol & caffeine.

When you are on a constant high from sugar, carbs, booze and caffeine you aren’t dealing with what is going on inside of you.

It’s really easy to grab something to soothe you when you are feeling stressed, anxious, sad etc.

And no judgement from me.

For years I sucked down my problems with food and drugs. It sure didn’t make them go away. In fact, it just made my issues linger and on top of that I now had a weight and drug problem to deal with.

And this is no isolated thing. In fact, I would say it’s the norm in North America. How many people go through their week, guzzling back coffee to function in the morning, grabbing unhealthy snacks in the afternoon for a boost, snacking in the evening to relax a bit and then drinking on the weekend to come down from the week before.

I would say this is the life of about 50% of the people I know!

What happens is, this way of life becomes a habit and NOT having these unhealthy coping mechanisms becomes too scary for the person to even think about.

Life without wine and coffee?!!! NO WAY!!!

I hear from clients all the time that they can’t live without their coffee.

Let me tell you something, if you ever say you can’t live without something that is harming your body, get off that something NOW!!

You don’t need it, your body doesn’t need it and you are strong enough to cope without it!

So what can you do when you decide to cleanse your body and all this mental crap starts bubbling up.

Journal that shit out. Get it out of your head and onto paper. Anger, frustration, sadness… start writing down your feelings and keep writing as long as you feel those emotions. It’s a great mental detox.

If you are angry that you can’t have your coffee… journal that out too! Amazing things happen when you allow those emotions to come out and don’t keep stuffing them down with food and other stimulants.

Remember, no matter how much you think you can’t live without something, it is ALWAYS YOUR CHOICE. YOU CHOOSE your reality. You have the power. And if you feel powerless to a substance. Take your power back. Don’t complicate it.

You create your reality with the choices you make.

Choose wisely!

My message to you on Day 2 of my 30 day Mental and Physical cleanse <3

Lots of love,