If you are not someone who considers themselves to be confident, you may be wondering, what can lack of confidence lead to? Is lack of confidence really a problem? Or even, why should I be concerned with having confidence? These are all good questions as it is easy to get comfortable with your lack of confidence and you might even be living your life without confidence without truly realizing it.

Being in a constant state of lacking confidence does have real consequences that you should care about. In this article, we will break down why you need confidence in business and your personal life in order to thrive. We want you to understand that lacking confidence from time to time is completely natural, but you should not settle into being comfortable with a lack of confidence mindset.

This article is based on confidence in every aspect of your life. For information on why having confidence is essential in entrepreneurship see our previous article Why Do Entrepreneurs Need Confidence.

What Can a Lack of Confidence Lead To?

When you lack confidence in yourself it invites a lack mindset to creep into other areas of your life. Without a belief in yourself and confidence, you may miss out on any number of important life experiences or opportunities. You may also lose out on the opportunity for others to see your value. Below are some of the areas in which lacking confidence can negatively impact you.

Not Feeling Successful – one of the top reasons to be concerned with a lack of confidence is that by lacking confidence you may also find yourself feeling unsuccessful and unfulfilled. Your success is defined by you and you alone. Confident people understand that success is not linear and there will always be ups and downs along the road to success. Those who lack confidence may fall into the belief that they are not successful because they are not good enough, smart enough or likeable enough. All of these statements are not true and by having confidence you can break through the negative self-talk that holds you back from feeling truly successful.

Not Speaking Up for Yourself – do you speak up for yourself and ensure your voice is heard? When you lack confidence, you may fall into allowing others to speak for you. This can mean that you don’t speak up about your worth when it comes time for a promotion, or you don’t ask for the help you need when you feel overwhelmed. Confidence is a part of everything you do. You deserve to feel heard and supported in life and without confidence, you may miss out on your opportunity to have your voice heard.


Not Taking Chances – have you ever been offered an opportunity and shied away because you lacked the confidence in yourself to do it? Maybe you have been asked to speak about your experience in front of others or maybe you were invited to try out a new role. In any situation where you have the opportunity to take a chance and try something new, confidence shouldn’t be the factor that holds you back. When you don’t have confidence, you miss out on opportunities that come your way. You’ll never know what could come of these opportunities if you do not go after them. Don’t let a lack of confidence be what prevents you from experiencing new things. If fear of public speaking is what holds you back and not a lack of confidence see our previous article How to Boost Confidence In Public Speaking.

Not Following Your Dreams – when you have confidence you believe in yourself and go after your dreams. You know that you are enough, that you are capable and that you can do anything you set your mind to. When you have confidence you can weather the ups and downs of going after your dreams. You will embrace failure and learn rather than accept defeat and stop. When you do not have confidence you risk settling for “good enough” and never going after what you truly desire in life.

How Can I Boost My Confidence?

If you are feeling truly overwhelmed and lack the confidence you need to make powerful change in your life, consider reaching out to a certified life coach. Lisa Jeffs has helped countless driven leaders boost their confidence to making lasting change while achieving their dreams. As a valued member of your support team, Lisa is here to help you learn how to boost your confidence and start living the life you were made to have.