Nothing compares to the excitement of landing your first job after finishing college. Surely the feeling of putting all that knowledge into practice is something that only a professional knows. Being in a company related to your studies is amazing, but this does not mean that the experience is perfect.

Some workplaces are not beneficial for all workers. However, when you are doing what you love, you do not have time to see the things that harm you. Remember that nothing should pass over you in your work. Pay attention to the following points that will help you to know why you should leave your current career. 

Your Salary is Very Low

Your dream workplace doesn’t always offer the best pay. During college, you learn everything you need to do in a company, but rarely do you take the time to analyze how much workers are paid in that area. 

Average salary is a compilation of all payments to employees for a specific job. If in your current company the salary is below that figure, be careful! You are in the wrong place. Each company knows these averages, but their interests sometimes lead them to offer less money. If your salary is at very low levels, it is time to look for new opportunities such as a career in the tech industry.

The tech industry is one of the top choices for career changers. This sector offers higher than average salaries and is experiencing robust job growth. If a career in tech sounds appealing, we recommend that you check out the best coding bootcamps

More Stress, Less Comfort

One of the reasons to think about quitting your job is your comfort level. Several factors limit personal comfort in a job, such as living too far from the company. Being many miles from the company can be a problem at any time, especially with transportation. A study in the American Journal Of Preventive Medicine published by Chron says that sitting on long trips to work reduces physical activities and causes other health problems.

Living far from the company is just one example of discomfort, although many people assume these circumstances due to the lack of job opportunities in nearby areas. On the other hand, other characteristics of stressful scenarios are the company’s facilities, very small offices, little conditioning, or dirt. If this is your case, maybe it’s time to say goodbye.

Your Time Doesn’t Matter

Poor bosses often pressure their employees to work longer hours at low pay. However, did you know that Americans are the people who voluntarily work overtime the most? A study by the OSHA Education Center says that a worker in the US usually works 40 overtime hours in a month, a rather interesting number. However, when it comes to an imposition, the story changes.

If your boss is not respecting your time, then it is a sign that you should leave that place as quickly as possible. Remember that time is the most valuable thing you have as a human being, and sacrificing your free hours for money is not a good idea. You have vacations, break time, and days off—never forget this!

Toxic Workplace

This is the worst-case scenario for any employee, and it’s the most obvious sign that you should quit. A toxic workplace is a space where your colleagues and bosses do things that are not related to work. One of the most common points in these environments is the bad comments between each employee.

But the toxic workplace is not just about bad comments. Sometimes toxic colleagues can spoil your work, steal your belongings, and cause the boss to fire you. If you have already had these experiences and are constantly living in this context, it is time to avoid more deceptions and start sending your resume to new companies.

You Don’t Learn New Things

The level of demand is not the same in all companies. You’re not always going to find the perfect job after graduation, but work life is about learning something new every day and expanding knowledge in job areas.

If in your current company you do not feel motivated, perhaps the problem is not you, but the pace of work. Doing this type of task, without commitment or conviction, can be serious for you and your mental stability. There is nothing wrong with looking for other companies to work for.


The excitement of a job related to your career is very great, and we know it. However, this article compiles the information on what an ideal job should be like, putting the integrity of the workers above. Keep an eye on these points and think about whether your time in the company has been important to you and your colleagues.