Have you been hearing a lot of talk about personal growth or personal development? These terms are often thrown around by people who are building a business or branching out into new facets of their career. Maybe someone has suggested to you that you need to read a certain book or take a course to better your life. Though this may be a part of personal growth, there is so much more to the topic than simply picking up a trendy book or listening to a podcast. Personal development comes from within and can change our perspectives and boost our success if we let it.

Personal development is something that everyone can benefit greatly from. Though it can be confusing to know where to start, we are here to help. In this article we will tackle what personal growth is and why you should be doing it as well as how to create a personal growth plan.

What Is It?

Personal growth is the work we put into ourselves in order to grow on an internal level. Growth can take place in a variety of ways but commonly people wish to work on their mindset, careers, relationships or specific measurable goals. Personal growth is something that should be done continuously as it is something that is ever changing.

Personal growth is never one and done but something you work at over time. Consider it as something you do to help you stay on top of your goals and help you design the life in which you want to lead.

Why Do I Need to Work on Myself?

Nearly everyone can benefit from putting effort into personal growth. If you are having feelings of being stuck, overwhelmed or unsure of your purpose you need personal growth. But even when you are feeling at your very best maintenance and continual growth is still important. If you aren’t sure if you need personal growth in your life, consider asking yourself the following questions;

  • Am I in alignment with my goals?
  • Do I hold the same values I’ve always had?
  • Have I changed paths, or do I want to?
  • Am I happy?
  • Do I feel successful and fulfilled?

If you look back on your life you can likely identify themes that no longer fit where you are now. Maybe you liked a type of music or had a hairstyle that you no long identify with. Or maybe you have found a new passion in life that you had never imagined yourself doing. You have no obligation to hold on to ideals or values that you have outgrown.

You need personal growth because you are a person who is continually growing. You are likely not the person you were 10 years ago, so why shouldn’t you be nurturing the person you are today? Personal growth or development helps us to better understand and be in alignment with the person we are. But putting in the work to better ourselves we become more capable of achieving success and knowing how to have a successful life.

What Should I Work On?

Knowing where to start with personal development might be confusing. There are so many self-help options available to you that you may be feeling lost and not knowing where to start. Consider making yourself a list of both the things you love about yourself and the things you would like to improve upon.

While making your list ensure you touch on all areas of your life. Career, confidence, relationships, financial, spiritual and physical aspects are all areas in which you can achieve personal growth. Through making lists you will be able to identify what you feel you could improve upon. Use this list to help plan and create a personal growth plan.


How to Create a Personal Growth Plan

In order to execute on making personal growth a priority you need to ensure you have a plan. See our tips below to help you with both starting a personal growth plan and ensuring it suits your needs as your grow;

  • Define your desired growth area – use your list to define exactly what you hope to improve upon. Make sure that your goals are realistic and measurable. See our previous article “How to Measure Personal Growth” for insight into making personal growth measurable.
  • Make an action plan and get growing – prioritize what you wish to work on and begin taking action. Consider starting small and seeing how personal growth initiatives make you feel. Make it a part of your life then continue to build on your habits.
  • Check in with yourself – personal growth will involve growing and changing. Remember to check in with yourself to ensure your goals and your plan are still in alignment with how you feel today. It is perfectly fine to make changes to either along the way.
  • Allow for flexibility – know that it is OK to fail, and setbacks will happen. Allow yourself to make mistakes and be prepared for them to happen. You will not succeed without failure and by embracing this you are moving towards self growth
  • Get support – allow your support network to be a part of your self growth journey. If you don’t wish to share your journey with friends or family, look towards groups or other outside support such as a certified life coach.

Get Growing Now

There are so many things you can start doing today to work on personal growth and development. If you haven’t already consider using a vision board, listening to podcasts or reading uplifting and inspiring books. Apply what you are learning to your personal growth plan and get ready to start making changes.

If you are finding that you need support beyond your personal growth plan, consider reaching out to a certified life coach. A life coach can help you find clarity and purpose all well help you to create the success you deserve. You are worthy and capable of growing and succeeding. Contact certified life coach Lisa Jeff’s today to help get started on the right path.