I want you to think about what you are tolerating in your life right now.


It’s one of my main missions in life, to get you from a state of tolerations to a state of always expecting the best. AND NOT stopping until you get it. Because as long as you keep going, YOU WILL get there!

I tolerated a lot of crap years ago to be honest!

I tolerated not being fully happy with my life and body for a long time. Too long!

The fact is, humans can put up with a lot of crap and just “get used to it”.

Fact is, we as humans can live in a pretty unhappy state for a long time. We just get used to it.
We tolerate it!

And nothing will change until you get totally real with yourself and say HELL NO! I will NOT tolerate this ANYMORE!


And it’s at that moment things will start to change.

When you tolerate, you are simply telling the universe you are ok and want more of the same thing you are tolerating.

I don’t know about you. But I am no longer willing to settle. I’m not willing to settle with anything less than freakin amazing!

Amazing in my professional life, amazing in my personal life, amazing in my body, my health, my relationships…

You get the point!

So are you settling on right now?

Are you tolerating something?

Get real with yourself and ask “WHY?”

“Why am I tolerating this now?”

Then ask yourself, what are you committed to doing to change the situation?

I can tell you with totally confidence that once you commit to NOT tolerating something anymore. It will change!

If you have been tolerating living in a body you are not fully confident in. A body that doesn’t feel the way you want it to, doesn’t move the way you want it to, doesn’t look the way you want it to.

What are you wiling to do, to create one that does?

You have the power within you to create a life and body that makes you feel freaking AMAZING everyday!

You DO NOT have to tolerate anything!

My 6 week Body Breakthrough Intensive starts the week of June 12th!

This is for women who have tried everything and who’s self confidence is in the gutter right now because of that.

6 weeks from now that is all going to change!

A quick overview of the 1 on 1 Intensive

We are going to be uncovering your actual goals. Not the goals you think you should have because you are playing small but the actual body goals you want!

We will create a personalized game plan that is going to work for you, your life and your goals.

All the things you usually do to self-sabotage yourself… yep those will all be uncovered and addressed so they don’t stand in your way!

– 6 weeks of personalized 1 on 1 coaching with me

– Unlimited access to me for serious accountability like you have never had before

– All the meal plans, recipes and shopping guides you need!

This is for women who are serious go-getters & tired of standing in their own way and want this Summer to finally be the Summer they can wear the outfits they WANT and not just ones they feel comfortable in!

This is for women who need some serious tough love to get over their own bullshit that has been holding them back way too long!

You are going to be fully supported through the intensive so you reach your goals!

Let’s go, let’s make this happen!

PM me for all the details.

Your 6 week intensive will begin the week of June 12th!

There will be fast action bonuses for women who join before June 6th

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Lots of love