Your Inner Critic

You now that damn voice in your head, always putting you down.  Always saying you are not good enough. Keeping you small.

“You can’t do it”

“Who do you think you are”

“You’re to this…”

“You’re to that…”

“Those people are SOOO much better than you”

Do any of these sound familiar?

If you were to write down daily all the negative things you say. I’m pretty sure you would be amazed or horrified!

This is what I did when I first began my business. My confidence was in the toilet. I was entering a whole new world and had no idea what I was doing.

I had a constant stream of negative chatter going on in my head daily. Making me feel small. Making me feel defeated.

Then my coach at the time had me write down everything!  Anytime I had a negative voice pop into my head I would document it.

I did this for a week.

I was SHOCKED to see how much critical negative nonsense was going on in my head daily.

NO WONDER I felt like crap and didn’t believe I could do it!

I’m shocked I was even functioning as member of society and not crying in a corner somewhere!

The things I was saying to myself were NASTY! NASTY things I would never say to someone else.

Then why the hell was I saying them to myself??!

In all honesty your inner critic does have a job to do.

It may be a nasty little bitch but really, it’s trying to keep you safe.

It keeps you small so no one else can hurt you.

It keeps you in your comfort zone where it’s nice and cozy so you are too scared to go out into the cold, hard world where you might get hurt.

I told my inner critic, “Thank you for trying to protect me but I’m ok”

The truth is that nasty inner critic record had been playing in the background of your mind for years. (the subconscious)

It plays and plays and plays… usually without us even knowing.

Can we re-program it?


Is it going to happen over night?

Well nothing is impossible but from my experience it’s going to take some consistent action over a period of time.

But I have to tell you… after the simple step of just taking notice of what I was saying to myself daily, my inner critic quieted down a lot!

And I was actually able to move forward in my business with confidence and success!

So if you feel like that negative voice in your head is always keeping you down.. always there in the background talking smack in your ear, here’s what to do…

First – Thank it for trying to protect you but let it know you are safe and can handle your stuff!

Second – Start taking a running tally of every single negative thing you are saying to yourself. Now you might find yourself writing something down every 5 minutes! This is totally normal. Like I said, I was shocked to see what I was saying to myself.

Do this for 3 days… even if you get super annoyed and want to throw in the towel… keep going!! You can’t change something you aren’t fully aware of.

Third – Every time you say something negative to yourself, follow it up with the positive (the realistic version)

For example –

Negative                                                                     Positive

“I’m so bad at this”                                               “I’m just learning this and soon I will master it”

“I am such a loser, who do I think I am”         “I’m a kick ass person! Were all human and equals in this world”

It may feel super uncomfortable stating the positive and maybe like you are lying to yourself, but keep at it. Pretty soon you won’t even have to try. Your brain will automatically think the positive and the negative will seem like the lie – which it is!

Fourth – Develop some positive affirmations and mantras you can say daily to reprogram your subconscious.

Some of my favourites are the really simple ones –




Fifth – I won’t go into great detail about this… I’ll save that for another blog. But EFT or what I call it, tapping is a great….

no correction… an amazing way to shut that damn inner critic up for good!

Ok so now you have a bit of a game plan to re-program your inner critic so you can finally step into your power and own who you were always meant to be!

A kick ass woman who can achieve anything she wants!

And that’s not just fluff talk… you really CAN have it all, you just have to step out of YOUR own way!!!

If you have an extra loud and bitchy inner critic that is really holding you down, and you don’t think you can quiet it on your own so you can finally achieve your dreams.. then set up a no cost discovery session and let’s see if my private coaching is a good fit for you.

It’s my mission to help women live up to their potential and then surpass even that!

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Remember you create your reality!

Lots of love,