One of the most common challenges experienced by professionals is the ability to stay focused and concentrate on getting tasks done. This is amplified for those that work in a home setting or in an unstructured environment. Whether you are self-employed or work in a business setting there is no denying that staying focused is important. Without concentration we may procrastinate, miss deadlines and reduce our productivity.
It is critical to ensure that each person identifies what causes them to lose concentration in order to learn how to improve focus and boost concentration. Knowing how successful people think and act can go a long way towards improving your productivity. In this article we give you our best tips on how to improve concentration and become your most productive self.

Define Work Hours

Many professionals that work from home find that they have difficulty with motivation. When you aren’t expected to be at an office at a set time it is easy to lose track of time and delay the start of your day. This can lead to a lack of concentration as you may find yourself not motivated to get started. Whether you occasionally work from home or have a regular home office, you need to set defined work hours.

Defined work hours ensure that you stay accountable to yourself. Treat your time working from home just like you would any other commitment. Don’t be late and get to work as soon as scheduled work hours start. This sets the foundation for good concentration as you have set boundaries and expectations for yourself. Remember that just like starting your day on time, end it on time too. Allowing yourself time off is just as important as working time.

Limit distractions

Every person will have different things that distract them. For some it is browsing the internet while others may watch television. Know your distraction triggers and set them aside during your scheduled work hours. This might mean that you need to set your phone on silent, work in a room where there is no TV or even leave your home office to work. Ensure that you give yourself the opportunity to have the best concentration by removing as many distractions as possible during work time.

Consider evaluating your current work habits. Though you may think that it is OK to have some distractions present you might be decreasing your productivity without knowing it. Try removing distractions from your working station and see if you notice positive changes.

Schedule Breaks

Taking breaks is important for your concentration. Consider scheduling breaks periodically throughout your day. Take time for yourself by going for a walk, talking with a colleague or getting yourself a coffee. This is your time to recharge and reset your concentration.

Make breaks a priority and treat them like you would treat any business meeting or appointment. Consider planning breaks and add them to your calendar as an appointment. If you find that you struggle to take breaks, try setting an alarm to alert you when it’s time to slow down for a few minutes.

Not all people will enjoy taking multiple short breaks. If you think that stopping work periodically throughout the day will be more distracting than helpful ensure you take at least one longer break per day.



Meditation can not only help to improve your concentration but can also improve your memory too! If you haven’t already added meditation into your daily routine, consider making it a habit. Meditation has many benefits for both mind and body. You do not have to meditate during your workday to have it be effective, but you could incorporate meditation into one of your scheduled work breaks.

Meditation has many benefits and is used often used to improve memory. Magnetic Memory provides information on both the benefits of meditation and meditation techniques. Adding meditation to your routine doesn’t need to be intimidating. Start slow and allow yourself to begin experiencing the positive benefits of meditation that include;

  • Reduced stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improved focus
  • Promote emotional well-being

Eat Well and Drink Water

Set yourself up for maximum productivity and concentration by fuelling your body effectively. Try to eat nourishing whole foods that will increase your energy. High sugar diets can lead to a “crash” or “fog” that will make concentrating more difficult. Choose foods that set you up for success and snack as needed.

Along with proper nutrition you should also ensure that you are drinking enough water during the day. Consider keeping a refillable water bottle at your workspace and try to fill it up multiple times a day. Studies have shown that drinking water can help boost your concentration. The added need to use the washroom might just help you make breaks a priority too!

Incorporate Movement

Find a way to move your body every day. Stand up periodically while working, take a walk during your lunch break, or schedule a daily workout. Making time for movement can go a long way towards improving your mood and ability to focus. Movement does not necessarily have to be an intense workout. Simply work towards making movement a part of your routine every day. Similar to meditation, moving your body is good for your mental and physical health. Try to incorporate 30 minutes of movement each day either before, after or during your workday. Not only will this help your concentration, but it will also be great for your physical health too!

Find Balance

Our tips on improving concentration are centered around making yourself a priority while also getting things done. Finding balance between your work life and personal life can go a long way towards improving your productivity and concentration in the workplace. It additionally gains you the benefit of also having appropriate boundaries between work and personal well being.
We know that your work is important to you and you need to stay focused and be productive. But you cannot simply improve focus by working harder. Allow yourself time to refresh and treat your body well. Improved concentration is a whole body and mind effort. For more tips on How To Have a Successful Life consider reaching out to Lisa Jeffs, Toronto Life Coach.