1611, 2019

How To Know If You’re Making The Right Decision

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Have you ever pondered over a decision only be more confused than ever a few
days later? I think we’ve ALL BEEN THERE.

This can lead to stress, anxiety even depression.

1411, 2019

What Causes Procrastination?

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The real reason for procrastination has nothing to do with being lazy, unfocused or undisciplined.  Procrastination is just a symptom for what’s going on below the surface…

1211, 2019

What To Do When You Don’t Feel Enough

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Have you ever wanted to do something but had to get your entire family, friend circle and maybe even ‘Pam the neighbours’ opinion before taking action.

Or perhaps you’ve scrolled Facebook and Instagram only to feel like a ‘bag of sh*t’ after going down the comparison rabbit hole.  

111, 2019

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

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More and more you may be hearing that employers are looking for “emotional intelligence”. But what does it mean? Emotional intelligence is our ability to both understand and control our own emotions while also being sensitive and understanding to others. Maybe you aren’t sure if you have emotional intelligence or […]

2510, 2019

How to Tell Your Boss You Are Overwhelmed?

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There are many reasons someone may feel overwhelmed in the workplace. Sometimes the weight of our workload gets to be too much, or external factors such a family concerns or personal health play a part in our mental load. Often when feeling overwhelmed we believe that there is nothing that […]

2609, 2019

How to Improve Concentration

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One of the most common challenges experienced by professionals is the ability to stay focused and concentrate on getting tasks done. This is amplified for those that work in a home setting or in an unstructured environment. Whether you are self-employed or work in a business setting there is no denying that staying focused is important. Without concentration we may procrastinate, miss deadlines and reduce our productivity. […]

909, 2019

Truly Owning What You Desire

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609, 2019

Recreating Yourself

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I thought I would share a bit of my story in hopes to inspire your inner trust of unlimited possibilities… 15 years ago I was extremely pregnant working midnight shifts at the Sick Kids Toronto hospital coffee shop. Now what I mean by extremely pregnant is I was gloriously huge in a hideous beige maternity uniform. You could see me coming from a mile away. And I LOVED it. Not the beige uniform, being pregnant with my daughter.


208, 2019

How To Focus And Get It Done!

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If you’re anything like me you’re not a naturally focused person. You can drift off… daydream… bounce from one idea to the next and spend a lot of time getting NOTHING done. And as much as I hate scheduling and planning, it’s something I have to do, or a lot of time and energy will leak out of my day.


1107, 2019

How to move through resistance

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