I’ve been coaching business owners for almost a decade, and I’ve heard a lot of sabotaging patterns “dream killers”. Like Tina who came to me after 1.5 years of trying to figure out her niche. Within less than an hour of us talking I was able to pull out her niche from what she was sharing with me… she laughed at how obvious it was! What was keeping her stuck wasn’t that she didn’t know for 1.5 years, it was that she was scared to make a decision and everything she believed that meant.


Zero judgment from me, as I’ve been there I get it! But I also get that you want to create an impact for people, have a successful business that provides you with your ideal lifestyle, and fulfill your deeper calling within.

So here are three of the biggest dream killers I hear over and over again from purpose-driven entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives, and healers. Awareness is the first in releasing and eliminating these unwanted patterns, my hope is that this message shines a light on any pattern that may be hiding in its cozy blind spot! Let’s start with number 1…


My clients know if they come to me with a bunch of excuses I will call them on it. My job as their coach is to hold them accountable for achieving their vision. In fact, most will stop mid-sentence when they realize that what they are saying is a story.

By understanding this, they become aware of the stories that pop up and take over their life. Everything is workable in some way shape or form when you allow yourself to commit to the process and get creative. Stories that include WHY you can’t do something are just a story often rooted in fear.


This can be a tricky one. It will convince you you’re justified in staying where you are until you make a decision because it’s the “right thing” to do. It’s as if your body is on pause while you wait for the ‘right’ answer. And your mind just keeps on looping the same thought patterns around and around and around. Clarity around your business will never come through thinking, it comes through taking action and working with the feedback you get through that action.

This is an opportunity to reconnect with your inner guidance and start trusting in yourself that you can handle moving forward. Again this is all rooted in fear. More importantly, fears that have no business stopping you, no matter how real they seem.

And finally…


Many of my clients have been dealing with this for years before they come to me. The fear that you are not good enough, or whatever it is that you are offering is not valuable enough and people will see through you. It’s a difficult one because it’s rooted in the belief that we are never enough, and it’s a story we have been telling ourselves for years.

The truth is that you cannot be an imposter when what you offer is something that comes from your heart and soul and is part of your divine path. No one can be ‘you’ better than YOU with your own gifts. Taking ownership of your gifts and stepping into your light as the unique being that you are – will always serve your vision.


By becoming aware of these dream killers and facing them with courage, you open the door to a more fulfilling purpose-driven business. It all starts with awareness and taking inspired action from there.

Hope this helps you on your journey of creating an impactful and successful business that reflects who you are. 

If you’re feeling stuck and need an extra push to help you get out of your own way, I invite you to book a no-obligation discovery call with me. We can discuss what may be holding you back from achieving success in your business and develop a plan for how we can work together to create an impactful and successful business that reflects who you are. Together, let’s break through those dream-killers so that they no longer stand in the way of realizing your fullest potential as an entrepreneur or creative!


Stay inspired!

Big Love,