October 4 2018


Happy Monday, Facebook family. I am coming on live for your Monday pump-up message. The purpose of this message is to get you excited for the week, get you rearing to go, and hopefully shed some light on how to make your week easier for yourself. You know, I tuned in this morning, and by the way, if you’re on or you’re listening to the replay, say hi. Let me know where you’re from. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, as well. I don’t have any comments currently on my phone, but I will be checking back after to answer any questions or comments.

When I tuned in for this week, you know, one of the things that happens a lot of times is we have this good intentions on the weekend to make the week productive, to make the week, you know, whatever goals you have come to life and happen. Often, we start off any week with good intentions, and what can happen is you start getting overwhelmed with the tasks, with the to-do list, with your schedule. Everything starts becoming a lot, a lot of stuff.

When it becomes a lot, and you start thinking, because it’s really easy to want things on a Sunday, before you actually have to take action on it. When it’s time to actually get into action and do the thing that’s going to get you the result that you want, it’s not uncommon for a whole bunch of thoughts, and fears, and doubts, and worries to come in, and overthinking, and then it becomes this whole big mountain to climb, that you just don’t take action, and you don’t do anything, and then you don’t get any results.

Okay, let me know if you’ve ever experienced this. I don’t know anyone who’s gone after something or tried to achieve anything that hasn’t experienced this at least once.

What I want you to do this week is I want you to switch it around. I want you to take a new approach. I want you to, instead of saying to yourself, “I have all these things to do. I want to achieve all this. I want to get all this done. I want this result.” I want you to just tune in and ask yourself, how do I want to feel this week?

Because ultimately, the only reason we’re going after things in the first place is because with think by the time we get that, or when we get to that goal, when we get to that outcome, it’s going to allow us to feel a certain way. What if you could flip the script and feel that before even that outcome enters your reality?

Think about it for a second. How would that change things for you? How would that switch things up? How would that make your week easier? How would you feel better? Would that allow you to feel better during the week? Whatever the answer, the answer is yes. I’ll answer that for you.

The answer is yes, of course it’s going to allow you to feel better, because you’re already feeling the outcome that you’re desiring. You don’t need to see it to feel it. You don’t need to have it to feel it.

One of the biggest things, you know, I shouldn’t say one of the biggest things. Yeah, I guess it is one of the biggest things, that I work with with my clients is bringing in more money, is creating more income, is creating a bigger amount of wealth. Why do we want that greater income? One of the reasons is, well, one, people feel more secure, okay? Especially if you’re in a position where it’s a security issue. Maybe you just started your business. Money isn’t flowing in yet. You don’t feel that security.

You think, “If I just get that client, if I just get that client, if I just sell that program, if I just sign that contract, then that’s going to allow me to feel secure. It’s going to allow me to feel safe.” What if you could find reasons to feel secure and safe right now?

I know it’s not always easy. It certainly wasn’t always easy for me. You know, I remember being in those moments where the money wasn’t flowing in yet. There were times where I was like, “Oh my god, how am I going to make this work? How the hell is this going to work?” It became easier the more I created a practice around really determining how I want to feel and allowing myself to feel that way before the outcome came, before I got that thing, that thing, whatever I was desiring.

Another thing, people, when it comes to relationships, let’s talk about romantic relationships. This is another biggie for people. “If I just find that partner, if I just find them, he, she, whoever, if I just find them, then I can feel loved. Then, I can feel happy. Then, I can feel cared about.” What if you could cultivate that feeling right now? Which, by the way, is extremely important if you are in the market for a relationship. You want to be giving those things to yourself now, beforehand.

How would that change things for you? How would you approach going after that relationship? How would the energy switch, right?

That’s my, is it a pump-up message? I don’t know. It’s more of an encouragement for you to flip the script on your life, to change how you’re doing things this week, because it’s so, you know, and I work with my VIP clients often, and overwhelm can come on, right? We often, high-achievers, people that are driven, tend to pile on the tasks and pile on the stuff that they want to get done. Often, it’s a little much. Then, when overwhelm comes on, especially for a creative mind, you know, I have a very creative mind, and when overwhelm hits me, suddenly, I just, it’s like, no, I can’t do anything. I’m paralyzed, it’s confusing, it’s overwhelm.

If we can stop that from happening and just start feeling good now, feeling good in the moment, feeling what we want to feel, ultimately, anyways, loved, secure, cared for. We want to feel freedom. We want to feel sexy. We want to feel like we’re having fun. Whatever it is, whatever you want to feel, start feeling that now, okay?

The best way to start doing that is just to tune in and get clear, well, what do I even want to feel, right? Grab a pen, grab a journal, start writing it out. Put at the top of the paper, “What do I want to feel?” Allow yourself, the flow of consciousness to start coming out. What do you want to feel, right?

Next question, how can I give these feelings to myself? What specific things can I do today to start feeling these feelings? If it’s something that has to do with money, feeling security, well, how are you already abundant? How is abundance already flowing into your life, right?

If it’s something around love, well, how are you already experiencing love every day? Where is it showing up in your life? How can you give that love to other people? How can you give what you want to receive? How can you give that first?

Oftentimes, we’re just sitting here, kind of waiting, and hoping, and wishing that we want to receive something. What if we want to give that out first? What if we could give it out and have the universe bounce it back to us? How would that switch things? How would that change things for your week, this week?

That’s my message for you guys. Anyways, let me see if there’s any questions. Hi, Danny, how are you? How do you want to feel this week, Danny? Hi, Frederick. I hope you guys are having a good week. Well, it’s just started.

Okay. Let me know if you guys have any questions. Drop them in. I’m going to be back a little bit later. I’ve got some writing to do. I want to be putting out more writing, right? I love doing these videos. I love doing these audios, these lives, but I know a lot of people, they like my writing. I’m going to be doing more writing, more blogs, more stuff like that.

If you like reading, and if you want to read some of my stuff, you can always pop onto my website. I know I don’t put my website on my Facebook page often, but it is my name, lisajeffs.com. I’m going to be posting a lot of my blogs on there, a lot of my writings, in the next month or so. You can always check it out there. That’s my home base.

Or, you can just stay on the page, because I’ll be posting links to it on my Facebook page, regardless.

All right guys, I am off. I’ve got a lot of stuff to do today. Time is going by, but I’m going to be back to answer any questions or comments a little later on. Have a fabulous week. Have a fabulous Monday. We will be in touch. If you’re still on, if you’re still listening, know that I love you, and I appreciate you taking this time and spending this time on a Monday with me. Have a good one, and I’ll talk to you soon. Ciao.