My Mother’s day started as I watched my coffee, slip off the nightstand and onto the floor, splattering coffee all over the white linens I had laid out the night before. As well as almost everything else in the room.


Now I had a choice… immediately go into “poor me” mode and and quote “FML” and all that other jazz, or scan the situation quickly and see what I could be grateful for, such as my favourite mug not breaking because it fell onto the 8 x 8 binder I had placed on the floor the night before… when it could have easily shatter if it had fallen on the hard wood.


Or the fact that I had already drank half the cup, meaning less coffee mess everywhere. OR the fact that it completely missed the electrical outlet, while splattering everywhere else!


When we train our brains to see the good in any situation, we take back our control of those situations. We are no longer in reactive mode.


Reactive mode means we are controlled by the world around us, instead of us taking control over our lives, our reactions and our own feelings.


Ask yourself is that “spilt coffee” worth crying over or can you find what to be grateful over, laugh about it, and move on.


You are not a victim, unless you choose to be!


Remember that when life throws you an unexpected curve ball, whether large or small. The choice is always yours.  How you respond is a choice. You have the power!


Happy Mother’s Day <3


And remember, you create your reality!