Getting hyped up on New Year’s Resolutions will never be enough to make long-lasting change in your life.


The fact is most people will give up their New Year’s Resolution within 2 weeks.


Leaving you to think… what is the point??


Well, there is always a point to making positive changes in your life. Positive changes are great. But you want to do it right so you’re not wasting your time and energy just to feel defeated by the end of it all.


Nothing is worse than getting pumped up, telling all your family and friends you are ready to make huge changes in your life and then nothing happens because your old programming is just too strong and the bad habits just sneak back in.


So what do you do?




Get crystal clear on what you want to change. Vague wants are not your friend.

  • Do you want to be organized in your business?
  • Do you want to be more visible in your business?
  • Do you want to be more focused on your daily tasks?




Why does this change matter to you?

Are you only stating it because it sounds good or because you think it’s what you ‘should’ want?

Getting into the feeling of why it is important to you is critical for you to stay motivated.


For example: If one of your goals is to be more focused on your daily tasks. Ask yourself why this is important to you.

  • How is being more focused going to benefit you?
  • How are you going to feel when you are more focused?
  • How is it going to change your life?


Getting emotionally attached to the outcome is extremely important. Without emotion backing up your change, you don’t have anything to keep you going and your motivation will fizzle out pretty quick!




Who do you have to become for these changes to stick?

What identity must you adopt?

Unless you create an identity that matches the changes you are going to make you will revert back to old patterns and behaviours.


You will ALWAYS live up to the identity you set for yourself


Example: If you want to be someone who is focused and committed to growing their business in 2017 then whom do you need to become to do this? How do you need to show up in the world, every day?


To create a new identity ask yourself these questions…

If I want to show up in the world as… I need to know…


  • How do I walk?
  • How do I speak?
  • What do I wear?
  • What do I eat?
  • When do I wake up?
  • How do I spend my free time?
  • How do I think?
  • What kinds of people do I spend my time with?


Create a daily practice of getting yourself into your new identity.


This is your sure fire way to make your ideal changes stick.


You will always live up to your identity. It’s as simple as that.


This is one of the reasons so many people lose weight and gain it right back a month later.


They lose the weight but don’t adopt the identity of a person with their new slim size.


My weight continued to yo-yo until I finally let go of the identity of a chubby person.


My business took off when I finally adopted the identity of a full-time entrepreneur.


Does that make sense?



You got this!



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Lots of love,