Sarah was a powerful woman with big dreams. She imagined herself conquering her goals. She had plans of launching her own business or writing a bestselling novel.

Yet, as days turned into years, she remained rooted in the same spot. The dreams were vibrant, but the path toward them became shadowed. Her inner saboteur lurked in the shadows casting doubts, and magnifying fears.

Just like Sarah, many of us have an internal narrative that holds us back. And if this narrative feels all too familiar, it may be a call to seek help. Staying stuck isn’t just uncomfortable, it comes with a colossal price tag. Including lost impact, income, and most importantly lost years.

Understanding the Shadow Self-Saboteur

The concept of self-sabotage isn’t new. Historically, countless talented individuals have been their own worst enemies. This destructive force is often referred to as the ‘shadow self’, a term coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

The shadow self houses our deepest fears, insecurities, and suppressed feelings. It’s that voice in your head that says, “You’re not good enough,” or “Why bother when there are so many better than you?”

For Sarah, her shadow self reminded her of past failures. Whenever she contemplated starting her business, it would whisper, “Remember when you failed in college? This will be no different.” 

And so, despite her capabilities and aspirations, Sarah remained stuck.


The High Cost of Staying Stuck

There’s a tangible cost to not pursuing our dreams or passions. It’s not just about missed opportunities or the monetary benefits that might have come with success. 

The true cost is the weight of regret, the erosion of self-worth, and the stifling of personal growth.

Imagine investing years in a job you loathe, only to wonder what could have been if you’d followed your passion. Or staying in relationships that dim your spirit because your inner saboteur convinced you you weren’t worthy of better. With every year that passes, the price tag on these missed opportunities increases, adding layers of regret and what-ifs.


The Power of Seeking Help

The first step to disempowering our shadow self-saboteur is to recognize its existence. Acceptance is key. However, acceptance alone isn’t enough. This is where seeking external help becomes crucial.

For many, the idea of seeking help, whether from a mentor, therapist, or coach, may feel like an admission of weakness. But in reality, it’s an assertion of strength. It’s a declaration that you value yourself enough to invest in your growth and well-being.

A professional can provide tools and strategies to navigate through the maze of self-doubt. They can offer a fresh perspective, free from the biases that often cloud our judgment. 

They act as mirrors, reflecting our potential and guiding us toward a path of self-realization.

Sarah’s Turning Point

For Sarah, the turning point came during a chance meeting with a life coach at a workshop. Listening to others share their stories of transformation, she realized she wasn’t alone in her struggles. In fact many were experiencing resistance to their work. Inspired, she decided to work with the coach.

Over each session, Sarah learned to differentiate between her authentic self and the voice of her inner saboteur. She learned how the saboteur was really trying to protect her. And when she was able to understand what, she was able to start the healing journey. 

She began setting small goals, celebrating her wins, and learning from her failures. As weeks turned into months, Sarah’s confidence grew and so did her excitement and ability to take action. 

The shadows that once seemed impenetrable started to dissipate. And Sarah began doing the work she was called to do. 

Today, Sarah runs a thriving online design business, and while challenges still arise, she’s equipped to face them without succumbing to self-doubt.


Final Thoughts

As frustrating as it can be, the inner Saboteur isn’t making itself known to torture you. It’s there to protect you. The problem is, what it’s trying to protect you from is rarely a real threat. 

What makes the sabotage challenging to overcome is the blind spots that are often present. You must get honest with yourself and commit to doing the work if you want to make significant growth forward. 

The cost of staying stuck is a debt that compounds with time… as the adage goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.”

Sarah’s transformation wasn’t just about confronting her inner saboteur, it was about recognizing its origins, understanding its purpose, and ultimately redirecting its energy to fuel her ambitions. 

By acknowledging and healing the wounds of her past, she unlocked a future of limitless potential.

However, as with any journey, the path to self-discovery and growth isn’t one to be walked alone. The wisdom of those who have walked before us, combined with the tools they can offer, can be the guiding light we all need.

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