As a business owner, you’re probably used to wearing all kinds of hats: CEO, CFO, even HR. Being a jack of all trades is a great way to grow professionally, but it can take a toll on your mental well-being. There comes a breaking point in every entrepreneur’s journey where they realize they can’t, in fact, do it all.

And sales and marketing operations are a demanding enterprise! You need professional technical knowledge, as well as consistency and hard work in execution. If you’re not quite ready to commit to a full-blown sales team, you can build a competent team from outside your organization. Want to learn how? Lisa Jeffs breaks it down.

Benefits of Going Freelance

If you’re just starting out in entrepreneurship, you might not need full-time professionals. You may also not be equipped to hire an entire team and manage their development and needs. In such a case, hiring freelance professionals, either on-call or on a project, might be your best bet. You won’t need to set up payroll insurance and other benefits, which can be a significant cost-saver. Freelancers will also pay their income taxes too! 

The Best Way to Hire

Hiring professionals for your small business can be daunting. Utilize the strategies below to find the best professionals for the job:

  • Referrals: According to Harvard Business Review, referrals are the best way to determine if candidates have a strong work ethic and will be the right fit for your team. Ask your network, fellow business owners and friends, and family if they have known any sales professionals looking for a job, and begin the recruitment process from there.
  • Go niche: Go a little more micro with your efforts rather than using open positions on sites like Monster or Indeed. Find job boards catering to marketing professionals, as this will allow you to target high-strength freelancers with specialized experience.
  • Test it: Getting into the freelancer team model can take some trial and error. According to FreeUp, hire a candidate for a couple of projects to test their fit and efficacy. You can then extend a full-time offer or work with them on an ongoing basis.

There’s no perfect recruitment process, but hiring great talent can be easier following a consistent strategy.

What to Look For When Hiring

Competent individuals in any industry will be driven, self-motivated, collaborative, and patient. But marketing and sales need consistent effort and an ability to pivot and adapt to changing circumstances. They can map out and monitor a user experience journey while also following up on outreach and strategic efforts. In addition, look for individuals who have freelance experience in their resumes. This will ensure they know how to work remotely and are well-versed in the digital space.

Simplified Services

In addition to freelancers, there are many other ‘off the shelf’ services that can help boost revenue and simplify operations. For example, a logo maker app for graphic solutions or an accounting tool to solidify bookkeeping practices will help you save time and money. Forming an LLC or limited liability company will also come in handy, as it reduces paperwork and tax complications for your business. Go with the best company formation website or file yourself to avoid high legal fees. However, each state has its own set of rules for formation, so be sure to check out the laws in your state before proceeding.

Finding the best talent isn’t easy – especially when it comes to hiring competent individuals who will meet sales targets and market effectively. Recruiting is a challenging job for small businesses. Every entrepreneur can benefit from a roster of freelancers who achieve sales and marketing goals easily, without the burden and financial commitment of building an internal team. Happy recruiting!

Lisa Jeffs is a certified life coach who has helped many achieve their business and leadership goals. If you’ve been struggling to manage it all, Lisa will renew your energy and focus with proven strategies that actually work. Check out my coaching packages here, or contact me at today!