Learning how to overcome self-sabotage is easier than think.

But first, what is self-sabotage. Well, for starters it’s those patterns and behaviours that keep you stuck. Stuck and re-living the same challenges over and over again. Never quite reaching past that ‘success ceiling’ you’ve created for yourself.

People self-sabotage their results for a multitude of reasons. Some of the common reasons being…

Fear of failure

Fear of success

Fear of being visible

Lack of self-worth

Lack of deserving

Four years ago, self-sabotage showed up for me as a week-long Netflix marathon. I had just launched my business and was rattled with overwhelm and fear. It was easier to distract myself than actually deal with what was going on inside. The problem with that is… those fears don’t go away… the sabotage doesn’t get better… UNTIL you face it head on and deal with what is really going on inside you.

Self-sabotage doesn’t ‘feel too bad’ when you are oblivious to it. When it’s completely unconscious, run by your subconscious mind.

But when you are fully aware of what you are doing, but feel you can’t stop. It can feel like you are slapping yourself in the face repeatedly, day after day. Two steps forward, three steps back. Never getting ahead. Talk about feeling completely out of control.

When self-sabotage does hit, it can rear its head in many forms. But the ways I hear most often are…


Prioritizing instant gratification

Dwelling in negative self-defeating thoughts

Deprioritizing self-care


Now unless you consciously make an effort to reprogram your self-sabotaging behaviours and patterns, they will continue indefinitely. And if you’re in my community, I know you don’t want that!

So how can you overcome self-sabotaging behaviours so you can go into 2018 powerfully?

Awareness: Before you can change a behaviour, you must know what it is. Get clear on why you are self-sabotaging…

Ask yourself these questions:

What am I afraid of?

Do I believe I am worthy of more?

Do I believe I deserve better?

Grab a pen and a journal and start writing. Don’t judge what comes out. Just allow the stream of consciousness to flow. Take some time and understand what is going on inside. Awareness is powerful. Most people walk around on auto-pilot and wonder why they can never get ahead. If you want to stop self-sabotaging, your first step is to get to know yourself better.

What Do You Want For Yourself? 

Are you aware of what you want? Like really aware… SO AWARE that if I stopped you in the street you could rattle off everything you want and desire within five minutes. Or are you like most people who when asked will stare blankly and say something like… “hmm well, I don’t really know”

Full disclosure, I was a “blank stare-er” for a long time.

Getting to know what you really want requires you to strip away the fearful, lack mentality and get real with yourself about what you truly desire.

Do you want more financial success?

Do you want more passionate relationships?

Do you want a more purposeful career?

What is it that you really want?

I’ve spent a good amount of time self-sabotaging goals I NEVER really wanted. BUT told myself I wanted, because I was so focused on what others were doing I lost touch with my inner guidance signal.

Determine Why You Want It:

Now it’s time to get clear on your big hairy WHY. Going after your goals and dreams can be scary, uncomfortable, nerve-racking. So unless you are crystal clear on your big hairy WHY, and allow that to be a motivating factor, it’s going to be easy to fall into self-sabotaging behaviours when fear sneaks in.

Replace Self-sabotaging Patterns With New Positive Habits:

Yes self-sabotage rears its ugly head when we are trying to avoid something. But it’s also easy to fall into habits that are self-sabotaging simply because we do them all the time.

Habits such as…

Pressing the snooze button multiple times

Scrolling social media before you even get out of bed

Complaining (yes, it can become a habit)

Staying up when you know you will be groggy in the morning

The brain loves habits. So to banish those self-sabotaging habits for good, create new ones that support your big goals and dreams.

Most of us know exactly what will benefit us and our greater purpose. Unfortunately a heck of a lot of people DON’T do those things.

Step away from the norm and make 2018 your year!

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