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Lisa Jeffs - Toronto wellness coach and life coach

Hi, my name’s Lisa Jeffs and I’m a coach who helps leaders,  entrepreneurs and driven individuals overcome their issues with, overwhelm, anxiety, lack of confidence, feeling lost and all the other ‘fun stuff’ that keeps them from creating the life, the impact an the impact they desperately desire.

Before we go into what I do, allow me to introduce myself and let you know why I do what I do. My first year of business, I refer to lovingly as the hot-mess year.

Anyone that’s been in business knows that the first year of business will either make or break you. Unfortunately, it did both to me.

I got wrapped up in the “hustle mentality” that is currently being glamourized in the entrepreneurial industry.

I worked till I dropped and began doing what I thought I ‘should’, instead of what I really wanted to do.

Nature is smart and nature told my body to shut it down. So it did. My adrenal glands completely blew out and went into fatigue. I started to feel tired, I lacked passion and hit burn-out.

My brain was fogged and I wasn’t inspired to do any of the work that I wanted to do. The work that I do today, that lights me up more than anything else.

So how did I overcome this? Well quite simply, I started out with a few simple steps that I created and systematized.

I systematized, automated, and delegate tasks that I knew weren’t in my zone of genius, so I didn’t have to hustle so hard. And I started listening to my intuition. That guiding light that never steers us wrong.

At the same time, I started lowering the pressure around me and started finding that I could take time off, stop working when I felt like it, and enjoy my time and freedom which was the reason I became an entrepreneur in the first place.  All while serving a greater number of clients and making a much bigger impact. 

I’m here to tell you that it’s true what the wise say: It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter and creating a lifestyle of freedom, not of more constraint.

So how do you actually go ahead and do this? Well if you’re a client of mine, this is how we would work together.

First of all, I do an assessment call with you, to understand exactly what your needs and wants are. After that, we’d find out if we’re a good fit.

If we are, we jump straight into a phone call where we decide how long we’re working together or you pick your package if you’re a real go-getter and want to jump right in, you can do that too.

Ultimately we work together over the set period of time, and the results that you get will be tracked and you will have the accountability that comes with working with a high-level coach.

Here’s what a few of my happy clients had to say…

“I can’t thank Lisa enough for what she has done for me. Over the last 4 months, I have experienced incredible breakthroughs in my life and career”

  • Amy Brando

“Connecting with Lisa has been magical. I have told my friends and family about this extraordinary being and highly recommend Lisa Jeffs to help elevate anyone’s life. I am truly grateful!!”

  • Allison Macko

“Lisa is a caring, passionate and motivating coach that takes the time to find out what your issues are and helps you correct them in little steps so you don’t become overwhelmed and want to give up”

  • Julia Walkins

And if you want to be one of my clients, then here’s what you do: click the button below to book your free discovery session.

A few hours later you will receive an application delivered to your inbox. Once you qualify you can then mark our call on your schedule.

All you have to do is show up on time for the call and I’ll take care of the rest. By the end of the call, we’ll determine if you are a good fit to become a private client.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping leaders, visionaires and entrepreneurs just like YOU create the impact and income they deserve while not running themselves into the ground. I want that same success for you.

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Lisa Jeffs is a certified coach, writer, Intuitive and former counsellor with a B.A. from Ryerson University.

Lisa began her business in 2014 after realizing she had an unshakable desire to make a huge impact in the world and knew her 9 to 5 couldn’t make that happen.

Since beginning her business in 2014, Lisa has organically grown her following to over 10,000 and has worked with hundreds of driven leaders on a similar mission as hers. To create a massive impact in the world and achieve success on their terms.

Lisa is no stranger to speaking up for the equality of women worldwide and is a regular supporter of the ‘Because I am a Girl’ global initiative.

Lisa is a contributing writer for Thrive Global and has been featured in media outlets such as YFS Magazine, Tiny Buddha and the GTA Advisors podcast. She currently resides in Toronto Canada with her beautiful family.

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