Stress Management Consultant & Coach


Stress can impact us in many ways, emotionally, mentally and physically. High-performing individuals often find themselves having trouble sleeping, experiencing high blood pressure or becoming easily distracted. You may be feeling fatigued, depressed and not like the energetic and ambitious person you used to be. If this sounds like you, you might be overwhelmed by stressors that stem from your career or other areas of your life.

Failing to address the ever-increasing stressors in your life can eventually lead to burnout, and even serious health consequences. If you are feeling overwhelmed and under major pressure, a stress management consultant can help you take back control, offering personalized support and coaching to control your triggers and manage how you react to stress.

Coaching for stress management can help you to identify and address the main sources of stress in your personal or professional life. A stress management coach can equip you with tips and strategies to turn those stressors off. You’ll begin to feel renewed, more energized and ready to take action on your personal dreams and goals.

About Lisa Jeffs, Stress Management Coach

I’m Lisa Jeffs, a professional stress management consultant and life coach. I’ve worked with leaders, entrepreneurs and highly-motivated individuals in Toronto and all over the world, tackling their stress issues head-on and helping them to make the changes they need to live a more fulfilling life.

My approach to stress management involves an assessment and identification of your stress management needs. Next, we’ll create a plan to reduce your stress levels via coping strategies, boundary setting, relaxation techniques and more. Along the way, I’ll be here to provide mentorship and support to maximize your progress.

Through coaching, stress management is possible. Following your coaching program, you’ll feel better prepared to manage daily demands, control your response to stressors and be ready to handle any new challenge you face.

Don’t wait any longer to start living a stress-free lifestyle. If you’re eager to be supported and ready to make a big impact on the world, I’d love to hear from you!

For more information on my individualized stress management consultant services, or to book your free, no-obligation consultation call, get in touch with me today.