You want to workout, but it’s been months if not years since you started telling yourself this.


You wake up with the best intentions everyday to go to the gym, go out for a walk or put that work out vid in, but everyday when you go to bed, it’s the same story. Nothing happened. No work-out. You feel bummed out, you let your self down again.


If this is your story, take a deep breath! You’re not alone! In fact you are probably within the majority.


I have one tip that saves my workout almost everyday. And if I don’t follow my own tip then the story above is often my own!




What the heck is your workout magic time? It’s the time you are most likely to get your workout done and if this time passes it becomes a big struggle.


For me, my magic time anytime before 7am.


If I don’t start my workout before 7am, I end up getting caught up in my work and it becomes one big battle. One big, not very fun battle!


If I have to think about working out all day, chances are I will have exhausted myself to the point of dreading the workout.


That’s why the start of my day is MY workout magic time. I wake up, do some writing, then put my music on and get my workout on! It gets those endorphins going first thing in the morning, makes me feel all relaxed but energized… then I can get to work again and I feel super accomplished! Before 7am!


Anytime after 7am, I start to feel rushed and anxious to get the workout over. Not a great feeling which often leads to lack luster workout.


So how do you find your magic workout time?


Mornings don’t work for everyone. I have client’s whose workout magic time is anytime after 8pm. This is when they have time for themselves, this is when they can let all other thoughts go and concentrate on them and their workout.


So how do you find your magic workout time. You just have to commit to working out and see what time of day works it’s magic for you.


It’s not too complicated. There really isn’t a magic formula.




It will come to you.


Here is something that often works for my client’s.


Make a workout schedule for the week.


Schedule in 3 days at different times. Morning, afternoon, evening or whatever 3 times fit in with your schedule.


At the end of the week you are going to know exactly what times were more of a struggle. Cut those times out!


And if you found they were all a struggle, which they might be at the start. Go with the one that was the least struggle.


Stick to your magic time!


It will get much easier once you start seeing and feeling the results of your work.


You can do it!


You just have to start <3




Remember you create your reality, which includes your body!


Lots of love








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