June 18 2018


Good morning, Facebook family. I am back from vacation, officially back to my normal routine. Monday Pump Up Message is back. Say hi, let me know if you’re on. I can’t see any comments, I’m in my car. Not driving, I’m just actually chilling here for a second to do the message.

So I am back. I had an amazing time away in Curacao. It was just gorgeous. Such a lovely time with my daughter, and just chilling on the beach, releasing, letting the energy go. One of the things that always happens when I go away on vacation is I make money. I make money just chilling out relaxing. Because why? ’cause I’m not choking the energy. And this message is not about manifesting, by the way, it’s just gone in this direction.

But one of the things that … what keeps people stuck is when you want something so bad, when you want something so bad, when you want it to work so bad, or when you want to meet that person, that special person, so bad, you just cant stop thinking about it, and it’s like this choking of the energy of, “Where are they?” Or “When is my business going to work?” Or “When are the clients going to come?” Or “When am I going to start making the money?” Or when or when or when or when.

And all that does is it shows the universe that you do not trust, you do not trust in the process, you do not trust you are being guided, that the energy is working in your favor. And you just keep the things away from you. It’s literally like they could be right there, but you’re pushing them away, from your energy. We are a vibrational world. This world works on vibration. So when you can use the vibration to your benefit and get what you want and have your desires come to life to manifest what you want, all the better, right?

So one of the things that happens when I go away on vacation is I always … I just release all energy. I’m in the moment, I’m having fun, and I’m enjoying myself. And what happens is, what happens each and every time I go away is I start making money. I start making money fast. Like, I mean, client after client reach out. And this time … I mean, it happened when I went to Paris a couple months ago, but this time has been just phenomenal. The amount of people who have reached out just from me being away — and I was only away for a week.

So anyways, that’s not what this message is about today, but take note: if there are things that you want and you want them so bad and they aren’t here yet, look and see if you’re choking the energy. Look and see if you’re constantly checking and seeing where they are. Because if you’re constantly checking, “Where are these people? Where are they?” then you are not trusting and having faith that they are coming. And when you can just go out, have fun … go out, do something, enjoy yourself, take your mind off things, you will see things start to flow in much, much easier.

But back to the Monday Morning Pump Up Message. The Monday Morning Pump Up Message for today is: I want you to set some intentions today of how you want to feel this week. What do you want to feel? So, so often, we go into our week, we go into Monday with our to-do list, with our goals, “This is what I want to accomplish. This is what I want to get done. This is what I want, this is what I want, this is what I want.” But we don’t take into account how we want to feel and how we wanna …

That’s the key to everything is how we want to feel. We always want things, we always want to achieve something or we want to set a goal or we want to accomplish this because we think in our mind it’s going to give us a certain feeling. We think in our mind, if we achieve this, if we get to this level, it is going to make us feel like XYZ. It’s going to make us feel accomplished, it’s going to make us feel proud, it’s going to make us feel happy, it’s going to make us feel secure. It’s going to make us feel at peace, whatever it is.

So what I want you to do this week is I want you to switch it up, okay? Don’t do the … well you can do goals, of course you can do it. But first step is, I want you to go in and say, “Well, how do I wanna feel? Even if I didn’t accomplish anything, even if I didn’t get done anything I wanted to get done, how do I want to feel? Do I want to feel excited? Do I want to feel grateful? Do I want to feel joy? Do I want to feel giddy? Do I want to feel secure and safe? Do I want to feel like I am trusting and at peace?” Whatever it is, what do you want to feel? Because you don’t need anything to feel like that. You don’t need anything to feel that feeling, you can feel it first. And when we can feel that feeling first, everything starts to flow, right? We can attract it so much faster when we get into that state beforehand.

So you don’t need anything. So contrary to some people’s belief that think that you need something to feel a certain way, so you do not need to lose weight to feel a certain way first. You do not need to make 10 figures to feel a certain way. You do not need to have that soulmate come into your life to feel a certain way first. When we get into the energy of, “I need this to feel like this, I need this thing to feel like this,” then we are literally just giving our power away. We’re saying, “Here, take my power. I have no power. All my power lies in this thing that I want. And once I get it, then I’m going to magically feel this feeling.”

Well, what happens so often is, we get that thing, we get it, whatever it is, whether it’s the money, the partner, we lose weight, whatever it is. And we feel great for a certain amount of time, and suddenly, that feeling just kind of fizzles out and it’s gone. And then we are looking for the next thing to make us feel better in some way, right? Because everybody is walking around this earth and we want things to feel better. We want this to feel better, some way better, just better.

But what if you can find that feeling first? What if you can literally have nothing, you’re just sitting out on your lawn or on a chair at a coffee shop or in your bedroom, and you get into that energy first. You feel secure, you feel loved, you feel safe, you feel calm, you feel relaxed. What if you could get yourself into that state first, without needing anything? Imagine the power in being able to feel anything you want to feel right now, without needing anything, without needing external factors, ’cause we don’t need the external factors, we can feel like that now.

So you might be saying, “Well, how the heck am I going to do that?” Well, the first thing you need to do is get clear on what it is you want to feel. So take a few minutes, take a few minutes right now if you’re listening to this right now, take a few minutes and say, “Well, how do I want to feel this week? What do I want to feel? Because so often, especially in North America, we walk around like robots all the time. We’re just doing, doing, doing. “What’s next on my to-do list? Ugh, I gotta do this. Ugh, I gotta do that.” And we’re just kind of zoned out in this zone of roboticness, staring at our phones, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, and we’re not even paying attention to how we’re feeling and what we’re doing. We’re just zoned out and we’re numbing away with every XYZ.

So I want you to get really clear on what do you want to feel. What do you want to feel? What do you want to feel this week? So for me, what do I want to feel this week? I have an … like I said at the beginning of this, it’s crazy busy, I have so many appointments booked, so many sessions booked. So my key is, I wanna feel relaxed. I don’t want to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. I wanna feel relaxed, I wanna feel excited, an di wanna feel fun. I wanna have fun, I wanna be working with these new clients and having a good time. And that is the intention I am setting today. The power of intention is extremely, extremely powerful.

So, that is it for your message. Get clear how you want to feel. You need to know what you want before you can achieve it. And, if you’re listening to this, let me know in the Comments section how you want to feel. What is your intention? And if you need help and you have absolutely no idea how to achieve that, how to get to that feeling, without needing any external factors, then let me know, and I will help you out, I will give you some coaching through the Comments section of how you can achieve your desired feeling without needing anything else, okay?

That’s it, guys. I am super pumped to start this week. Love you guys. Let me know if you’re listening to the replay if you’re on now. Again, I can’t see any comments right now because I’m in my car, I’m on the phone — not driving, of course. I do not believe in driving and doing Lives. It’s not cool. But other than that, let me know in the comments if you need support with this, and I will be back to answer your questions and comments in a few hours. Love you guys. Have a fabulous Monday, and I’ll talk to you soon. Ciao.