Your Self Worth Isn’t The Number On The Scale!

I know what it’s like to be judged by the number on the scale. By other people and by myself. I know what it is like to be treated like less of a person, to be humiliated by people who were friends and family because of a fucking number on a scale!

Let’s think about this for a minute. Women are scrutinized and judged and treated like less of a HUMAN because of a fucking number on the scale.

This is ABSURD!


Makes me physically ill to think about it!

Anyone who treated me like less of person when the numbers on the scale went significantly higher are no longer in my life. They have been dismissed.

That will NOT be tolerated in my world anymore.

But it was tolerated at one point.

I was beaten down by other’s judgments of me.

They emotionally beat me down to the point that I adopted THEIR judgements as my own.

I took their critical words and began to say them to myself.


I felt like less of a person. Not good enough. Not as valuable. Not as worthy.

Because of a fucking number on the scale.

It sounds so absurd even writing it.

But unfortunately women feel like this daily! Hourly! By the minute!

Women and our body’s are a sacred thing. Our body’s birth children. If it wasn’t for the glorious female body, we wouldn’t even be here.

Yet in society we are often treated as objects!

We are often the biggest critics of them all. How many times a day do you say something negative about your body?

Really think about it.

Have you ever been naked in front of a mirror and not thought at least one negative thing?

It happens so often that it’s automatic.

It’s time we stop beating ourselves up because we don’t look like the photo shopped images all over the internet and media.

I stopped this critical self-talk on myself years ago!

I started loving my body and not giving a fuck who else approved of it our not!

And that’s when the changes started to happen.

That’s when I really stepped into my power as I woman and created the body of my dreams.


No one else’s!

Now it is my mission to help other women get to a place where they are loving their body.

Where they are loving the skin they are in and have full control over how it looks and feels.

Your self worth isn’t the number on the scale!

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Remember you create your reality. 

Lots of love,