It’s been a little over a week since returning from my trip to Paris, France and the Spiritual Business Expansion event. All I can say is WOW! Well, that’s not all I will say, but it was an incredible trip with a lot of lessons. The biggest lessons I will share with you below.  I had no intention of going to Paris. Literally zero. When the opportunity was presented to me, I didn’t consider it. UNTIL the universe began to show me signs. Blatant signs, like the Eiffel Tower appearing on my Mac Book Screen (Ya that was pretty nuts!) and people talking about Paris left-right and centre. 

It didn’t take long after that for me to sign up for the event and begin planning the trip.

And what a trip! Keep reading to hear my biggest takeaways!



Real talk, Paris was a pretty big investment for a three-day event. However, I always set the intention I will receive 100 fold back from any investment I make. Within two days of returning, I had made back twice what I paid. Two days! This is not a coincidence. I see this over and over in my life. 

Set the intention
Have faith 

… and you will be rewarded. Money is meant to flow, don’t be scared to invest in yourself. You will be repaid!

Besides the financial return on investment, I have been experiencing an energy shift that surpasses anything I’ve felt before. More on that in a few. 


I’ll be the first one to tell you that travelling has always freaked me out. Which is funny since I travel often. However, Paris brought up a whole new set of fears. Serious fears of the unknown and totally irrational fears that my brain concocted to keep me safe. Okay… they were all irrational, but even though we know there is nothing to be scared about, it can still freak us out. However, I knew I was being called to go and I would be fully supported along the way. 

So my fears were forced to take a back seat to my willingness for “New and Exciting”. Easier said then done but SO worth it.

A whole new side to me emerged from the experience, a side ready for more adventure, more fun, more connection and more impact. 
Doing new things and specifically new things out of your comfort zone… awaken parts of you that have often been dormant for too long. Try this out for yourself and see. You think you know yourself but do you?!


This may be the most important one. I would always hear people say this but I don’t think I fully understood it until going to Paris and being in the presence of 14 other powerful intuitive coaches and healers. When you find your tribe, you will know it. It feels like coming home. When you speak, your tribe understands. This is priceless. 

Ps. If you currently feel confused, alone and like no one “GETS” you, It’s simply because you haven’t found your tribe yet. Keep looking… they are out there and are seeking you as much as you are them! 


The event taught me one powerful thing in particular. And that is, we all have a bigger purpose and one of those is to truly and fully OWN our gifts. Humans have a wonderful ability to downplay our natural abilities. My intuitive gifts for instance. I can read the energy of people, rooms, events etc. 

I receive guidance and information from spirit that helps me and my clients. And even though I’ve never hidden this aspect, I certainly didn’t OWN it. Funny thing is, now that I’ve been back and are fully embracing my gifts… they are getting stronger. 

Embrace your gifts… if you’re good at something, don’t be scared to admit to yourself and everyone else that you are the S*#@! Seriously… people NEED you and are waiting for you to step-up.


You are your best asset. The success you will experience in life is based on YOU. Don’t sell yourself short. Invest in you, your growth and your future. If the investment makes you uncomfortable, GOOD!! It should. Set the right intentions and you will be paid back 100 fold. 

Get out from behind your desk, your work area or your home. It’s a lot easier to find your tribe when you get out and connect! Yes, it can be scary, yes it can be uncomfortable at first. But once you get past that, you may just find an experience that changes your life forever, like I did in Paris.

Lots of love,