As I was driving to pick up my daughter from school a few days ago. I happened to turn my head and out of the right side of my window was a young girl, maybe 8 or 9. She appeared to be with her Father or close Male figure in a warm embrace. His arms wrapped tightly around her and her head resting sideways on his chest. As I was stopped at the light, my heart swelled at the deep connection that was apparent between these two human beings.


We all desire it. Some of us crave it. Unfortunately, not all of us experience it.

It is available to us all? Yes. But not always readily.

In today’s world where most people are glued to screens… scrolling their lives away… connection can be fleeting.

Have you ever thought to yourself… how do we even define connection and what does it look like in our lives? Can we expect to create deep connections with others when our connection with self is often disjointed?

My thoughts…

I’ve had years of deep connection with myself and others. But even more years of trying to shut those connections down for fear of getting hurt… being seen in all my-messy-glory… losing people… or having my heart broken.

Flashback about 15 – 20 years ago… after a painful ending to a relationship and my Father passing away, I put a huge protective cage around my heart. Relatable to a chastity belt for my heart… [nothing was penetrating that baby]

But as I guarded myself against potentially feeling that pain again… I also closed off the connection to myself. And what happened was, I kept trying to fill that closed off connection with things outside of me.

Whether it was mindlessly eating foods that fed my need for a distraction but didn’t nourish my body AND left me feeling like shit… or impulse shopping that gave me a quick hit of dopamine but left me with a lingering sense of guilt and a huge credit card bill. Or the mindless entertainment that sucked me in and created a false sense of connection to the characters… but alas… just another distraction that left me with a sad sense of anxiety that I should be doing something else.

After a while that robotic, surface-level life got old… it lacked substance… and quite frankly… it began to hurt even more. Not in the same way as when we have a broken-heart or are grieving the loss of a loved one.

But in an empty way.

As if we’re not really connected to anything in our life.

And I realized when we close off from connecting with one thing… it tends to close us off from connecting with everything.

My journey to open myself back up and cultivate a deeper connection with myself and others began about five years ago. And when I say a journey… I’m not talking about a 5-star journey in a private jet with only the best amenities. I’m talking about backpacking through some of the roughest terrains this world has with a compass that worked maybe half of the time.

It’s been a JOURNEY! Sometimes two steps forward, five steps back. Lots of moments of wanting to pack up and just say F*CK it!

However, when I finally started to feel myself connect back into ME… and then be able to connect deeper with the people I care about in my life… [Exhale]… it felt like coming back home.

Everything gets a little brighter… everything feels a little deeper. Your world begins to expand with people, experiences and things that fill you up on a deep-soul-level because you’ve tapped back into that inner guidance system. You now know what nourishes you and what is just a void-filler.

Through connection with self, we get to understand who we are and what we want on such a deep level that the bullshit starts to fade away.

We STOP making excuses, distracting ourselves, shielding our precious heart from pain, failure and rejection. We stop playing small!

We put ourselves out into the world… we take risks… we learn to love the risks… because we finally feel alive again.

For me, there is nothing scarier than picturing myself as a 90-year-old woman looking back on her life… with regret.

Connecting back to self… opening myself up to the world again, as hard as it’s been at times. Was a no-brainer. An absolute no-brainer. I refuse to live in regret. And I knew if I wasn’t living fully, I’d have regrets.

If you’ve been feeling disconnected from yourself for 6 months or more. Maybe even over a decade like I was. Keep reading…

I believe each person on the planet has what they need within them to succeed and live abundantly fulfilling connected lives. I also believe there are people on this planet here to help us get there faster and with a lot less ‘bumps’.

Lord knows I am forever grateful to the amazing mentors that have helped and supported me on my journey.

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