Social media. A place where any business can make a name for itself.But done the wrong way and you’ll be turning off prospects NOT attracting them.

Today while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed I witnessed a conversation where one person put down another for posting silly memes on her business page. Her argument was a business page is for business
and that’s it.

Here’s my take on it.

When all you do on social media platform is talk about what you have to
offer and continuously post promos… you are teaching your prospects to tune you out.

Think about how people react to commercials… they tune them out, they mute them or turn them off completely.

If you’re marketing on social media, don’t just promote and talk about what you have to offer. People will stop listening. You obviously don’t want this!

If they stop listening, then no one is gaining value, and no one is buying.

Talk about YOU… get to know your community. Create relationships. Real relationships. When you can do that you will have an engaged community who will not only benefit from your content but will also be excited to invest in you and
what you have to offer.

Share from the heart, teach from the heart and then sprinkle with your offers.

Don’t overthink it. If you can’t think of anything, you are trying to hard for perfection.

It never fails that my most spur of the moment post gets the most engagement.

Over a month ago I created a 60-second video on Instagram after coming back from a walk. Totally unplanned and unscripted… I still to this day get people messaging me thanking me for posting it.

Engagement is king on social media.

Here are three sure-fire ways to increase engagement on social media, so you not only create raving fans but people who will be excited in your offers.

1. Mix up your content

Don’t just post quote graphics or blog posts all day. People like variety. If you
continue posting the same things day after day your community will start to glaze
over it.

Examples of what to post for more engagement:

Videos – Videos and especially live videos are super hot right now and create
a ton of engagement

Selfies – People love em and will respond

Quote graphics – Always popular just don’t over do it. People love to share and tag others in these

Personal shares – People are craving connection, and stories connect!

Questions – What better way to increase engagement than by asking questions?
They can be market research questions or completely random.

2. Do your market research

Do you know what your clients want? Do you know what inspires them? Do you know what feeling they are searching for?

Don’t know where to start doing research? Here is an expert tip… Amazon reviews are an amazing place to gather data on your niche.

Say you’re in Real Estate…

Search for a few Real Estate books and see what people have to say in the reviews. Good reviews, poor reviews… doesn’t matter. There is gold in there!

Give your prospects what they want, and they will be begging for more.

3. Be yourself

Too easy to be true? Not at all. People can feel when you are real with them. They can also feel when you’re putting on an act and not being you.

No one wants the phoney you! And if for some reason you don’t think the real you is good enough. Then we have some confidence work to do.

Small businesses have one up on big corporation when marketing on social media. And here’s why.


We get to build relationships. We get to actually connect with our prospects. And through that, it’s much easy to offer our service or product and have people snatch it up.

And if we are offering something of value then we absolutely want people snatching it up! 😉

Lots of love,

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