If you are considering making a career change at 40 you might be a little nervous. Though many people make career changes well into their 40’s it can be intimidating and may feel like a daunting process. But if you’re considering a career change there is likely a good reason for it. Trust your instincts and believe in yourself, you can make the career change you desire.

There may be some challenges in acquiring your desired career. But that’s not a reason to not go after the career change you desire. At 40, you likely have a wealth of life and work-related experience and you know that you would be an asset to any employer. Use our tips below to help you discover how to make a career change at 40.

How Do I Change My Career at 40?

  • Develop an action plan – changing your career takes thought and planning. Take time to consider what you need to do to make your dreams a reality. Dream big but set realistic goals that you can achieve.  Look at the current job prospects in your area and determine what you need to do to obtain your ideal career.
  • Obtain new qualifications – sometimes your desire for a new career may come with a need for new qualifications. If your research has shown that you need to gain a new skill, make education your priority. The cost of your re-training may even be covered by a government grant. See if your province offers funding like the second career grant in Ontario.
  • Refresh your resume – if you haven’t applied for a job in a while it’s likely that you’ll need to refresh your resume. Consider reaching out to a professional resume writer for assistance in making yourself stand out. A professional resume writer will know how to best highlight your strengths and find relevance in your skills and experience.
  • Brush up on your confidence – making a career change at any age takes guts. You should be proud of yourself for going after what you want and making a career change in your 40’s. It’s natural to have doubt and fear when making this change. If you feel like you need to regain your confidence before applying for new jobs consider the tips in our previous article “How to Regain Confidence”.

Lean into Your Support Network

Making a career change at any age can be intimidating. Consider reaching out to your support networking including friends and family. They may be able to help you find clarity in your decision and assist you in finding the right path.

If you feel that you could use additional support in making your career change, reach out to a certified life coach like Lisa Jeffs. A certified coach can help you develop a plan, boost your confidence and move past your fear and doubt. You deserve to live life to your fullest potential. Let a life coach help make your career change dreams a reality.