This week I had the pleasure of receiving some very interesting realizations while having a bucket of water dunked over my head.

So I thought I would share them with you 😉

Over the years I have realized more and more that I have a tendency to try and control the outcome of what I am doing. Not in a control -freak way but in a way where I simply want to know what to expect.

The problem with this is, the universe can’t go to work for me if I’m trying to control every last detail of what happens in my world.

Can you relate to this?

When you have such a tight grip on your life, you are basically saying you have no faith in a greater power and that everything will always work out for the greater good.

This may sound a little woo-woo for you BUT I’m going to put it in a way you can relate…

Have you ever heard of the saying to ‘RELEASE & SURRENDER’?

In simple terms, this means to release your tight grip on a situation… surrender the struggle AND have faith that whatever higher power you believe in will step in and help you create a better outcome.

As simple as this sounds this is where people get all caught up in their OWN NEED to control.

Well, I got news for you… when you can loosen the reigns and start trusting that everything will work out for you… that’s when the magic will start to appear in your life.

Metaphorically speaking, this idea slapped me right across the face when I was trying to control every last detail of my mini getaway I went on this past week.

It was such a simple act but one that packed a lot of meaning.

Here is what happened…

I was easing down the lazy river with my daughter… enjoying the ride.  However, at one point of the ride, there were buckets that would drop water on the riders heads for fun.

Well, I attempted to avoid these buckets like my life depended on it. I had just had my hair straightened and anyone who has naturally curly hair knows that you don’t get freshly straightened hair wet!

That is a BIG NO NO!

Well, the universe had different plans for me, and no matter how hard I tried to avoid those buckets, it didn’t work.
Right, when I thought I had made it in the clear …

BOOM… an entire bucket on my head, drenching my freshly straightened hair.

My daughter found this hilarious FYI

But a funny thing happened after…

I wasn’t upset, or disappointed. In fact, I felt a huge sense of relief… AND I let my guard down and started to experience A LOT MORE FUN.

It was a sign letting me know, I can’t control everything and trying to do so puts a will ultimately put a huge damper on what I am doing. Like really… who goes into the water to relax and stresses about their hair… jeez!

Releasing the need to control every last detail and just being in a state of allowance let me experience a much better outcome than I would have if I had tried to remain in constant control.

There is a time to control and a time to release and surrender… it’s quite the beautiful dance.

So how do you release & surrender without getting a metaphorical bucket of water dumped on your head?


  • Make a decision to let go of the struggle. Struggling is a choice


  • Choose FAITH instead of FEAR… you can’t feel faith and fear at the same time so you might as well choose the one that serves you


  • Choose JOY… Joy is our natural state of being. Humans are designed to excel when they are joyous. When you are holding the reigns of your life that hard in an attempt to control, I guarantee you are not in a state of JOY. Start allowing JOY into your life and your need to control will decrease


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Lots of love