Are excuses keeping you small?

We all have the same hours in the day, so why is it that some people have time to do everything they want and others only seem to have time to make excuses why they can’t do something.

Sorry if that sounds harsh. Actually I’m not sorry. I’m not sorry at all. Because those excuses are not serving you! In fact they are taking away from your brilliance. Your magnificence.

Excuses are like the plague! They rob your existence of everything that will bring you pure joy.

One of the #1 excuses I hear is “I don’t have time”

I don’t hear this excuse from my clients because I don’t work with anyone who is an excuse factory.

I work exclusively with highly driven achievers who will work for what they want. They will put in the hours and invest the money to achieve their dream bodies and lives!


Next Week….

When this happens….

After I get this….

After I do this….

These crap excuses you are telling yourself… or should I say fooling yourself with… are keeping you small. They are keeping your excellence hidden!!!

STOP the excuses!

You want something?

You want a better body?

You want a better job?

You want more energy?

You want to fit into a certain outfit?

Then you have to kick the excuses to the curb, and finally make the decision to do something to better your life!!!!

Listen I have friends who have been recycling the same excuses for YEARS!!!! FOR YEARS!!!!

Do you really want to look back on your life in 10 years and have not achieved what you want because you are so wrapped up in your bs excuses!

Because let this be a reality check… 1 year can easily turn into 2… 2 years can easily turn into 3… 3 years can easily turn into 10!!!!

And you can be in the same damn place unless YOU make a decision and say I AM WORTH MORE! I AM WORTH MORE THAN EXCUSES!


And this is when things will change!

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