I just got back from a weekend away celebrating my daughter Savannah’s
thirteenth birthday.

It was just her and I. We stayed at a very elegant resort located on property
that reminded me of something you might find in a storybook.

We and even had our own private hot tub on the back patio overlooking the beautiful grounds.

I decided to go in the hot tub after coming back from breakfast. One last dip before packing up to go home. The truth is my body craves that heat to relax my back.

My daughter said she would join me and came out five minutes later.

Unfortunately she found the 103 Fahrenheit tub too hot! So she decided
to go back inside. She reached for the door but it was locked! Thank goodness I had brought the key out for the front door.

She put on my extra large hotel bathroom and waddled around the building to get in from the front.

I was wondering what was taking so long when I saw her appear again around the
back. She said the key wouldn’t work.

Uh oh!! I just remembered I had put the inside deadbolt on!

So there we were, in our bathing suits in the brisk Fall air, locked outside
our room.

We needed help!

So I took the bathrobe, she took a towel and we walked to the spa to ask for help.

After an awkward conversation explaining to the spa attendant what
happened and receiving an “are you serious?” look. We finally got someone to
come and let us in. The best part was…

She said the back door was open the entire time!

Not the most ideal way to spend our last hour but still a lot to be grateful for.

Here is what I got from that situation…


This situation could have been far worse if we didn’t have a bathrobe and towels or
if we had BEEN NAKED! Can you imagine? I don’t even want to think about that potential debacle haha. I am so thankful we had shoes and items to keep us warm. No matter the situation, finding something to be grateful for will raise your vibrations and make any situation much ‘lighter.’


My daughter and I had a good laugh together after being told the door was open
the entire time. I’m not sure if it was sticking when my daughter tried to open it the first time, or the universe just decided to prank us. But the resort staff must have thought we lost our marbles. These are the types of situations you can easily become frustrated at, or simply laugh off. It really is a choice. We don’t always get to choose what happens to us but we get to choose how we react to it.


This is a metaphor for life. Savannah tried to open the door once. It didn’t work.
If we gave it another shot, maybe twisted the handle a different way or pushed a bit harder it would have opened. I don’t know anyone who has accomplished something big that hasn’t taken numerous shots at it. Try and try again. The only way to ever fail is to give up completely.

Have you ever a situation like this? Or one you saw the humour in after?

Let me know in the comment section <3

Lots of love,