In theory, anyone can be an entrepreneur. By taking control of your dreams and opening your own business you are by definition an entrepreneur. It sounds easy, but a lot of time, work and dedication goes into the realization of running your own business. If you are facing a roadblock in your entrepreneurial journey, or if you are just getting started you may be wondering, how do I become a successful entrepreneur?

There are many aspects involved with answering that question and they are all highly unique to you. Some may relate directly to how you conduct your business while others may be based in personal attributes that you can strengthen and grow over time. Whether you need assistance with managing business finances or are looking to develop interpersonal skills, we have compiled a list of qualities of entrepreneurs that you may find helpful.

Qualities of an Entrepreneur

Let’s dive in to some of the most common traits that are shared by successful entrepreneurs. Remember that if some of these attributes are not your strong point that’s ok! You have your unique gifts and perspective to bring to the table. But, it may be worth evaluating if you think you could develop these qualities in yourself.

  • Drive – if you are an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur, you likely feel a pull within you to peruse a dream. Whether your dream is financial freedom, the ability to travel, or even bringing the world an amazing product, you know what you want. You have a vision in mind and a get at it attitude. Entrepreneurs, in general, are people that are driven to take control of their own lives.
  • Discipline – along with a strong drive to get things done an entrepreneur also needs the disciple to get to work and complete tasks. As an entrepreneur you rely on yourself to take control and ensure goals are met and tasks are performed. Entrepreneurs have the ability to complete a task and meet deadlines even when it isn’t what they want to be doing. They known that their success depends on the work they put it and they are disciplined in making their business a priority.
  • Communication – if you are the face of your business or working behind the scenes you need to be able to communicate. In order to make sales, communicate with staff, or speak with customers, you need to have strong communication skills. Entrepreneurs might be charismatic people, or they simply just known how to get their message across. Strong interpersonal skills are key to helping you communicate and network with those around you.
  • Organization – You are the start and finish of your business operations and you need to be on top of it. From keeping in touch with customers, sending invoices, or collecting information for tax time it’s important to be on top of your organizational game. Entrepreneurs who are able to keep track of meetings, deadlines, and administrative tasks are setting themselves up for success.
  • Confidence – as an entrepreneur you not only need to have confidence in yourself to be successful. If you are floundering in confidence you may have difficulty making important decisions or even simply putting your business out there. Entrepreneurs are confident in their abilities and are comfortable with making tough decisions. They know that they have great things to share with their clients and go confidently forward into making their dreams happen.

What If I don’t have these attributes?

You likely have at least some of the attributes listed above but you may be more comfortable with some more than others. That is not only ok but it’s expected. No one is great at everything, but we all have unique gifts to share. The good news is, is that if you are struggling with one or more of these qualities you can grow and improve on them.

A lack of drive might mean that you simply have a lack of focus. Consider regularly evaluating both your performance and goals. Give yourself credit for all the amazing things you have accomplished and develop a plan to move forward. This suggestion goes hand in hand with working on organization. Get on top of your schedule and develop a system that works for you. It is so much easier to stay focused and driven when you have clear goals and a path to follow.

Like drive and organization, confidence and communication go hand in hand. If you are lacking in confidence you are likely suffering in areas of communication as well. Consider using our tips on how to regain confidence to help you get on track with building inner confidence that will shine through in your business dealings. It is normal to have us and downs in every aspect of life. Give yourself credit for the things you do well and remember them when speaking with others. You are your most important asset and it’s crucial you show others your worth.

Always Define Your Success

When asking the question, how to become a successful entrepreneur and business owner, we often overlook defining our own success. Without considering what we value and consider success we risk comparing ourselves to others and feeling inadequate or unsuccessful. Entrepreneurs should always look to themselves to determine success and worry less about asking how do people define success.

Along with the other qualities of entrepreneurs discussed in this article entrepreneurs should possess the ability to be true to themselves. Remember that by becoming an entrepreneur you are investing in yourself and following your own path. No matter you end goal you are the person who gets to decide if you are successful or not.

Get Unstuck

If you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck in your entrepreneurial journey it may be a good idea to evaluate your support system. Talk to your trusted network of supporters or consider speaking with an entrepreneur coach. Remember that you are drawn to being an entrepreneur for a reason and you can achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and never stop investing in personal growth.