Good afternoon. I thought I would pop on for an impromptu message just between calls and client sessions, and I wanted to come in because obviously someone needs this message because it came to me. So when you don’t feel good enough, when you don’t feel enough, when you feel like everyone else has it all together and you don’t. Okay. This is one of the most common things I hear from people, especially when they first start working with me. It’s this inner feeling of not being enough, not being good enough. I have totally felt this way myself, and the feeling still pops in now and then. Okay. So what I want you to know is all the people that you see that are doing stuff, maybe you see them on social media. You see them on Instagram, Facebook. You see people’s websites and you think to yourself, “Well, this is stuff that I want to do. I have big goals too. But all these other people know what they’re doing. They have it all together. They have all the steps. They have the belief in themselves. They have the confidence and I just don’t feel enough.”


Okay. I want you to know that everybody out there, no matter how “cool they look.” No matter how “put together” they look, have felt not good enough, have felt not enough, have felt undeserving at some point or another, if not multiple times. And that feeling that we get of not being enough, not being good enough, it’s a seed that more often than not, more times often than not, was planted at a very, very young age. Okay. It was a seed that was put in us, in our little bodies, when we were little kids. It could’ve been from something that happened on the playground. It could’ve been something our parents said. It could’ve been something a teacher said to us. I know for me it was definitely, I can remember times in elementary school that stuck in my brain for years and years after that I just wasn’t enough. I just wasn’t good enough.


And what happens is that seed, unless it’s really tended to and kind of ripped out at the root and gotten rid of, it can stay in there and it can grow. And then every time there’s an incidence where we don’t feel enough, we don’t feel good enough, that seed starts growing. And as we come into adulthood, it grows a little more. And before we know it, that seed that was planted 20 years ago from something. Who knows what? Has now grown into this big weed garden in us, and it starts taking over actions we take. It starts taking over our dreams. It starts taking over our goals. And everything that we want and everything we want to achieve, suddenly these weeds are getting in the way and complicating it because suddenly we’re just not good enough. And it’s almost like they get into our sight and start blinding us.


But the thing I want you to remember is, we all have those seeds, all of us, everybody. Some of them have been tended to. Some people have ripped those seeds out, ripped out the weeds, and now they have a garden growing inside them. But everyone has them at some point. So the people that you see that have what you want, the people that you see on social media, or maybe you see their websites, or maybe you see them on TV and they have the career, or they have the job. They have the business. They have the cars. They have the girls. Whatever they have, and you see them. They have all felt that at some point. Okay. But the thing is that those people didn’t let it stop them. They kept going. They kept striving. They kept working on that belief in themselves. They kept taking actions to prove that they were enough, that they were good enough, and they didn’t let it stop them.


And no matter where you are right now, if you’re not where you want to be, I want you to take an honest look at yourself and ask yourself. Why is that? Why am I not where I want to be? What is the reason? And get real honest with yourself, and if it’s a reason that’s outside of your control, if it’s a reason where you’re blaming someone else or where you’re putting the responsibility on something else, I want you to get really real with yourself because it’s always us. It’s always inside of us. It’s always us that are limiting our own capabilities. We are limiting what we can achieve through whatever story we’re telling us ourselves, through whatever limitations are coming up, through whatever seeds of not be good enough, not being enough. Those are the things that stop us from moving forward.


And I want you to know you’re not alone. Everyone who is at a place that you want to be has dealt through these things. The only difference is they don’t let it stop them. They keep moving. They keep moving through the weeds. They keep pushing them aside, so that’s it. That’s pretty much the only message I came here with. If you have any comments and you’re writing any comments, I apologize I can’t see anything on my phone. I don’t get Facebook comments on my phone. But any comments, any questions. How do I move through these doubts? How do I move through these fears? If you want support, drop your questions in the comment section. I will be back to answer them.


This is something that is a human thing. It’s a human thing. It’s not an individual thing. I know as individuals, we always kind of think that what we’re going through, our struggles, our challenges, are unique to us and everyone else has it all together, and we’re the ones struggling. When really, it’s widespread. It’s a human challenge to get over our own limitations, our own doubts, our own confidence. But it can be done and if you have those big goals and you have those big aspirations and you know you’re meant for more, you know you’re meant to make a big impact in the world, or you’re made to do something that you’re not doing right now, no, that is completely in your own capabilities. It’s just moving through those limits, moving through those limits we put on ourselves, and that’s it.


I’ve got to go. I have another call coming up. It’s almost 2:00, so I will talk to you guys soon. Have a fabulous afternoon. I love you all. Thank you so much. If you’re still on and you’re still listening, I appreciate you taking the time, and I’ll talk to you guys soon. Ciao.